Friday, August 7, 2015

A New Dream

There is a school of thought which states that the most uplifting effort for the mass of humanity is to seek the collective good only. There is a seemingly opposing school, which states that the collective good is enhanced whenever the individual good is achieved. Both are correct. When that state of equilibrium is attained, where individuals seek their own and the collective good, more of the benefits of the whole will be available to all.

In seeking a new dream we are saying the dream we had, whether fulfilled or denied, has achieved so much and now must end. In other words it is no longer serving. Now we, the collective known as Humanity, are at the limits of those dreams. We stand at the very periphery of the possibilities inherent within them. The point of experience has arrived where the next level has to be approached. There are those who hanker for the good old days of stark division, where one’s place in the scheme of things was very secure. Those days where evil was a clearly marked entity, as was good. One knew where the line was, and staying on either side of that line presented very little problem.

At the edge of the old dream it is not so clearly marked. The obvious is no longer quite as obvious, nor are the shadowy places quite as dark. This situation often engender fear in our hearts. We are uncertain of the proper steps to take to stay on one side of the line or the other. The tried and true models fail to produce the results that they used to, while attempting new models appear to be fraught with hidden dangers. What if the grand experiment fail, what then? How do we recover and again establish the status quo?
Here is a secret we cannot fail. Oh, the world as we know it may crumble and chaos may be the seeming result of our actions, but we cannot fail. You see, the limits, we have accepted as a law of who and what we are, are only there because we believe with all our hearts that they are there. The world as we know it exist because of our collective agreement that it is so. It is a mirror of our beliefs. The truth is we are eternal beings, unlimited as our Great Creator. 

We are having this physical experience for the fun of it. There are some aspects of this experience for which fun would appear to be an outright lie. The appearance is that of suffering and pain, anguish and disaster. How in the name of all that’s sacred can a rational person state the this is fun? Let us remind ourselves that the root of the word rational is ‘ration’ meaning to dole out, to break into parts and use in segments.

Let us for a moment think of ourselves as being unlimited Beings capable of having multiple experiences. Further imagine we are rationing some of those experiences into a physical existence. To flesh out this picture a little more, let us imagine further that our choice is a  made from an infinite field of choices. This physical portion of ourselves is veiled from knowing concretely about the rest of ourselves. We can clearly see how to this physical aspect of ourselves, we would appear to be constricted and without resources. Not only ourselves, but our planet is judged by our physical ‘rational’ mind to contain limitation. Yet, outside of these limiting beliefs, the larger portions of our beings function unimpeded by it all.

The analogy of photography may lend a clue to where we are in the cosmic scheme of things. When the camera was first invented, it was only capable of taking black and white pictures. When the pictures were developed they were mostly sepia, a sort of brownish image. The subjects of this photography were never in sharp relief. Over time the techniques for capturing the colors the eyes can see were added to photography. Now, today the technology for capturing the exact color seen by our eyes is taken for granted. It is now almost impossible to take a bad photograph. In development laboratories are capable of screening out the colors from a photograph and having it only as black and white. The colors were always there. The human had the ability to see those colors even when the camera could not capture them. What happened? The limits of the camera were removed, and the camera can now reproduce a scene exactly as the eye sees it.

The wider, unlimited aspects of who we are, have always been there. We must remove the veils, drop the screens, so that we may see what has always been. Every once in an age, a being comes along and sees clearly. This being we believe to be extra special sent from God and must be worshiped, never emulated. Whenever these far seeing beings come the one theme that rings throughout their work is that we are all sent from God, perfectly capable of seeing clearly, if only we would believe it. The special quality they possessed is within each and every on of us as we are all, without exception, sent from God. We have a planet to transform here! Lets embrace the new dream of who we are.

"I can see clearly now the rain is gone..."