Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Prayer of Peace

Holy Light  within me, I ask now for my true place within the framework of the transformation­al effort that is underway. I seek to fulfill the divine pattern of Love encoded within my DNA. I affirm that I am one with all of creation. I seek with all my heart to hear only the voice of the Holy Spirit this day, and the willingness to obey that voice for peace. I seek peace and know with the seeking I become the promise of peace the world awaits. I release the tendency to evaluate in the name of discernment. I accept what is before me this day as being a part of the plan for my growing in grace and knowledge of the Light. For all the love that I understand, and all the love that is yet beyond my understanding, I give thanks. To the muses who seem slow at times, I also give thanks, knowing that those with the bigger picture act more truly in accordance with Divine Will.

In gratitude I know I am Peace