Monday, August 31, 2015

Consciousness as Cause

Every instance in our lives is of our own creation. Than is a bold statement, but true nonetheless!  If our bodies are leaning toward fat, or hurting us, or exhibiting extreme health, we are the cause. That is so very easy to see for other people, but it is ourselves that must first come to the point of accepting responsibility for our experience. With such acceptance we begin to change the habitual thoughts that cause discomfort. It has been my experience that whenever I allow my constant thoughts to dwell on any area of experience that experience becomes mine.  

The story is told of a very wealthy man who lost everything he owned including his health, and was heard to say "the thing I have feared has come upon me." That man's name was Job. Job, whether real or fictional, dreaded loosing his wealth, his health and his children. He feared those things so much they appeared in his experience. Fear is as powerful a tool of the law of attraction as is love.  

The society in which we live peddles fear in all its many faceted self.  We are invited to place viruses and germs into our bodies to ward off a feared disease. We are exhorted to purchase insurance in case something happens. We are warned to have anti-theft devises on our cars and houses. We are cautioned that what foods to avoid to be disease free.  All of those things are helpful, and have a rightful place in our modern experience. However, when we indulge in the use of them out of fear, we are empowering the energy of fear for everyone else on the planet.

It is becoming increasingly clear to me that reversing the entire process of fear, and creating a world of love begins with me. That does not make me special, or even important. The cause of experience lays in the individual. Thus the solution is within that same individual. Each one has a role to play in the planetary healing that is underway. This role does not consist in convincing anyone else of the truth of any belief I may hold on how life ought to be conducted. What it does mean is, I must be true to my own course. Ever looking within to the Spirit of Life, and accepting the promptings given by that Spirit of the sacred manner in which I must walk.   

Every person must come to that place in their own way, and at their own time. So why am I writing blogs? Sharing is a part of the agreement that I made with all who read my posts.  Having taken up pontification at an early age, it is now an intrinsic part of my current persona. One which I like very much.  But these observations apply first and foremost to me. If they find resonance within the heart and minds of readers, more praises and glory is accorded to the God within us all.

These thoughts on the individual healing of bodily ailments are still with me. The Teachings state that consciousness is the cause of whatever happens in the body. That consciousness may or may not be held during the present incarnation. They may be a carry over from previously held beliefs in other incarnations.  

That is to say, a soul may incarnate in a culture with a strong positive outlook on life and therefore the members of that culture rarely contracts disease. However, in another incarnation this soul may have had such a strong belief in disease, either as a suffer of disease or a healer of it. That the consciousness of disease may be pretty much in tact. Incarnating in a culture where there is no such strong belief in disease may be one way of mitigating the disease consciousness, and bringing about balance within that soul.  However it is done balance is the ultimate goal.

Today, I see myself as a more balanced human being.