Sunday, August 23, 2015


There is a quietness within me at this moment which comes as a direct result from sitting in meditation. This soft quiet space comes as the gift of the Holy Spirit of Love, who lives within, pressing out the fruits of the Spirit. Some of these fruits are gentleness and the quiet acceptance of life, an offering from the Universe to all Its inhabitants.  The life I live was given me to expand into everlasting life. As I seek the kingdom within myself and with that seeking see that kingdom in everyone I meet.  

The presence of God is in everyone, and all around everywhere. There have been times when I have failed to know that this presence is there. Those are my times of wandering in darkness, feeling alone, helpless and fearful. There is gratitude within me at this moment for the constant call to look within where this gentle quietness lays to soothe all the hurting places within my psyche.  And whenever I look I am healed. 

Healing is a much bandied about word these. There are psychic healing, healing arts, healing of the mind, healing meetings, healing places, healing stones, healing herbs and shelves full of healing substances in every drug store.  True healing comes to each soul as we turn to the Light of Wholeness within and ask that healing be given. Then we are privileged to see and know that health is the right of every child of God. We are all children of God.  In seeking this health as who and what we are we become whole.  

Or bodies, which were designed to be self perpetuating, halt the decaying process and begin to regenerate. The signs of aging slows down and in some it has been known to reverse itself. Is this some kind of Utopian dream?  I am living example of the truth that all healing lays within the self, poised and waiting to spring forth into everlasting life when allowed. There are areas of my experience where apparent illness has been reversed without benefit of medicine or doctors and this has been a repeating experience. Although recently that healing was aided by doctors and hospitals. 

The social consciousness has seen bodies die from time immemorial and came to the conclusion that death is an inevitable consequence of life. Therefore there is the very strong belief in death as the natural outcome of life.  It is not easy to own and believe the truth, that life cannot in any wise die. Yet it can be done, and indeed must be done. If we are to transform into the Full Human Beings we were meant to become it must be done. The natural truth concerning life is that it changes. The seed becomes the plant, the plant sprouts fruits which have seeds to become more plants. Life is eternally cyclical and ever renewing. As changes come, those we do not understand we call them death.  There indeed is no death, life cannot die, but continues forever expanding to more exalted forms and expressions.

One's body may cease to function, but the being inside of that body is eternal!