Friday, August 21, 2015

Maintaining Peace

For the first hour or two after my morning meditation I am very aware of the presence of God within me, and there is the gentle quietness that I own. Then the sound level raises, people come to see me, or call me on the telephone, I turn my attention to the outer world and that quietness becomes less so. As the day wares on the quietness becomes more and more the boisterous clamoring of the exterior world, and I have surrendered my peace.  

It is not that I then become wrathful, but that softness that I am now experiencing is no longer with me. It is increasing becoming clear to me that in order for me to maintain that space of never ending contact with the life within, I must learn to maintain that contact with the presence in the everyday work world.  Doing this will then become the propellant to launch me out of the doings of commerce and into that truly meditative space I so long to have. 

I begin today, as truly, I desire to spend all of the waking time I have in pursuing the Spirit within in order to transform me into the living Christ I came here to be. Each day I commit to this transformation, each day I see incremental progress, though not as much as I would like to see. What I want is that quantum transformation which will make me anew, right now. I have struggled with this, as it is so important that I transform. I want only this now, all else will be gravy on my plate of life.  

The reason the Guru Master Person was such an example was he lived the life of a Full Human Being in the market places, on fishing boats, in people's home, traveling about on very dangerous highways all the while eating and drinking like an ordinary human being. He left the encouraging words that what he did we too can do, if we keep our eyes firmly focused on the Father within. That is why he is my own Guru Master Person, and why his life and words are so important to me. He did not enter a cave, he did however, make occasional forays into the wilderness to pray to the Father. I know that his path is not my own. My own particular brand of the transforma­tion may not involve any of the outward elements his did. This I do know that all the inner elements will be the same. When the pieces fit the living Christ is the same in each one.   

For that I am grateful, even as I continue to seek the Presence within which makes the transforma­tion possible.