Sunday, August 2, 2015

Once Upon A Time

There once was a man who lived on this earth for the brief span of thirty-three years. He lived constantly in the consciousness of love. That will be the norm for us when we collectively awaken. This man walked on water, healed those who were sick, caused blind people to see, multiply substance, calmed angry seas, and raised the dead.  He went to the limit and raised his own body when it was rendered "lifeless" by those who thought they had murdered him. In that process he forgave them for even making the attempt. That was just one enlightened man, all alone in a sea of great darkness. What will billions of awakened humans do when we walk in the same consciousness of love he did? The very thought causes me to tingle and say bring it on, I can hardly wait.

The infusion of this energy that is bringing about the awakening is from two directions. It comes from the Forces of Light who are the guardians of the human race, and from those who are consciously seeking to become enlightened. Those who are seeking enlightenment are doing so because they have heard the call, from within themselves, to advance in the evolution­ary process we call life.  

The guardians of the race have the cosmic calendar and know that it is time to awaken the sleeping ones, namely us. Thus the infusion of electrifying energy that begun at the turn of the twentieth century and has been increasing in intensity ever since. This is a well orchestrated process and right on time. This is known in cosmic circles as the fullness of time. This is the period when all the time oriented growing that we can do has been done, and now we are about to take that eternal step into the great known realm of love.  

What a wonderful life we have to explore!  It is said that all of this will take place in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. The culmina­tion will be instant, but it has been a very long process and it is my belief that all of us have had a hand in it. We can all take credit, and know that we are the grand beings who planned this entire adventure, perpetrated it, and participated in its perpetra­tion, only to come here and pretend to forget. We must now remember.

The first thing we have to remember is that we are not alone on this planet scratching out an existence in a dog eat dog world. The Creator is Omni-dimensional and so are we, Its creatures. We are surrounded by great and wondrous beings whose only intent is to do the will of God, and that will is to love only.  Although at this stage in our development we are not clear on exactly what the force called love is and how it operates; we can by faith trust that this is a universe of love and act and react from that basis. That is part of the remembering, and will bring about the great awaken that much faster.   

We must also remember that everything in time is temporary. We are eternal beings, and our little sojourn in time is very brief. In time, as we know, this sojourn will end. Time is a given parameter in which to enact the drama we call being human. In remembering that the construct of time is only for our use, we can relax and use the time we have to grow the light that is within our souls. That in truth is the purpose of the condition human, and the gift of time. We must also remember that everyone we see, no matter how they are behaving, is part of the grand plan for human enlightenment. No one is excluded from the love of God, and therefore, we too must extend our love to all. We must also remember that we can not leave out the Creator, as without the Creator there is no creation.