Saturday, August 8, 2015


It is fashionable to respond to the excesses of the world's religion by attempting to exclude God from the effort being made towards our further becoming.  But although wars have been fought in the name of God, and millions have died defending their particular version of God, that does not make God the bad guy.  What it does is speak to the follies we have concocted over the ages.  There is but One Creator, and it does not matter which religion has what to say about exclusive rights, no one on the planet has the final word on how that Creator operates in the affairs of man.  It is my belief that every person on the planet is capable of experiencing God, and further, God desires to be experienced by every person.  Each one will describe that experi­ence differently, depending upon cultural biases and other factors, but it is the same God, as there is only One God.

To this God I give my being in the act of surrender to the Force which formed me.  In return, I am given all the love I can understand, and within that love I am safe, secured and nurtured.  I relinquish my human will to the Divine will and in so doing aid and abet the grand awakening of which I am apart.  I offer gratitude to all those who have gone before and blazed a path of light that I may use to see my way home.   

I am grateful for all The Teachings, and for the Holy Spirit of Love for leading me in the path where those teachings may be found.  I am aware that being alive, in a body on planet earth, is to be a part of one of the greatest cosmic events of all eternity. This awakening will take us and our planet into the realms of love and light from which we will never, ever depart.  The ongoing experience of love, which we are destined to share, will provide an eternity in which to grow beyond the wildest dreams we now have.  The anticipation that stirs within me for this further adventure is also within the breast of my fellow kind.  This assures me that the will of Love will be done here on this earth as it is being done in the furthest corner of the Universe.  

I give thanks!