Friday, August 28, 2015


It is a tricky business, this coming into incarnation. The requirements are stringent; the forgetting that happens the moment we enter is not much fun either. The remembering brings joy though. However, before we can begin to remember, we are required to layer ton of mores and customs upon the pristine souls we brought to earth. We are asked to assume a victim’s approach to life. To pretend that we are often powerless. Most of all to pretend to learn about things. Whenever, we refuse to play this game we are termed “difficult” by our teachers, ”know it all” by our peers and “insane” by the rest of society. These are some of the calculated risks each soul takes upon coming to earth to learn and work.

The entire incarnation affair seems to work something like this: The soul, needing to complete a facet of learning, chooses a potential series of circumstances which will reveal the lessons and allow it to learn faster. Weighing all the potential dangers, not the least of which is the possibility of complete failure leading to a repeat performance, it incarnates into the family, race and nation which will allow this valuable lesson to be learned quickly. However, during the last age or two, the soul could choose migration to be in the nation of choice.

It is said that this earth is one of the accelerated learning institutions within this local Universe. Thus it is a privilege to be here. There are more propitious times than others to be her as well. Evidently, this particular time is one of the best times to be present on the earth, in a body that is. In certain sectors though, it suggested that it is advantageous to be here even if one does not have a body. Ask any entity seeking to be channeled.

The seeming messes we get into are of our own choosing. They are intended to satisfy portions of the instruction set that will complete the lesson we planned before coming here. However, when we are in the middle of the various and sundry pickles we’ve so adroitly chosen, it is well nigh impossible to bear in mind the big picture.

Who in their right mind would choose a body with a painful disease, or a life of near poverty, or even a life in the glaring spotlight of today’s media? But the prevailing wisdom is that we did exactly that. With that in mind, and the eternal big picture informing our every activity, we may proceed to lean our lessons, take our lumps and await the rest of our eternal lives for the complete revelation of what in the name of all that’s sacred this is all about. At least so goes the teaching of most of the world’s religions, on the surface that is.

There is yet another aspect of this business of being in a body that has all but gone unreported. Even when it is reported, it is relegated to the area of capricious thinking. It does not  square with what may be observed in the world today. This under-reported facet of the soul’s intent speaks to the declaration of the freedom it is in the process of making; and the triumphs it will experience once it has accomplished this freedom.

Freedom from diseases, struggles, fears, the dark, creditors, overweight, major accidents, insurance adjusters, politicians, minor colds, bunions, flat tires and television commercials. The soul plans to be free from all of it. This freedom is very clear in that it refuses to accept any obligation or uncomfortable situation as being parts of the reality it is creating for itself. Those declaring this freedom seem to be doing so in the face of its opposite every day. The very fact, that some declare there is an opposite of infinite freedom, is fuel for the unbelieving to declare that such great freedom is impossible on this earth. The soul’s task is to prove otherwise.
If the truth of absolute freedom is impossible, why would we persist in seeking it? More often than not we do not say it is freedom that we are seeking. Instead we suggest that the symbols of freedom are our goals. We are inclined to declare that money; love, travel, fun, fame and fortune are the objects we are seeking. But when thought is given to any object or objective sought, the underlying intent is freedom. There have been suggestions made implying that freedom already is; all that is necessary to make it visible and tangible is to own and accept it. It is much like looking out upon a rainy day and saying it is such a lovely day. To most inhabitants of earth the that is not the truth. A lovely day has to have visible sunshine and temperatures ranging in the mid seventies; not pouring rain, high winds and crashing thunder. Where is the difference? How can this optimistic outlook benefit anyone and teach any sort of lesson? Would it not better serve to face actuality as it is perceived? Perhaps the freedom in being eternally optimistic is the freedom to choose one’s responses to circumstances.
The other, not much discussed agenda, the soul has for incarnating, is to expand the collective consciousness toward the Universal Divine Consciousness, we call God. At first blush, this appears to be an awesome task. We may not be able to see how seemingly our troubled world can affect such a grand expansion. The soul prior to encasing itself in a body knows very well its connections in High Places. It knows it is immortal and full of the joy of love. To tell the truth, the soul has not forgotten, nor has it lost its connections with its Source. It is the body and the mind that embraced amnesia. 

The soul is forever trying to remind the mind and the body of their reality, which is Divine. There are times when the body and the mind get so enmeshed in the actualities of life, that the needs and purposes of the soul are completely ignored. Yet, in attending to the needs of the soul first, invariable results in a smoother less bumpy life. Jesus had this to say about that; “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.”
So here we are with souls that have dual agendas. First to complete the program that will lead to their ultimate perfection, or at least perfecting growth; and second to expand the collective consciousness toward the Lighted Spaces of peace and love. These two noble tasks must be accomplished in bodies that periodically ache, and with minds that seem unable to keep up with the latest innovation in technology. As if that were not enough for any one given incarnation, it is being suggested that the overall agenda, the ultimate purpose for being here is to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.
We are the ones destined to usher in this Kingdom of Light on this earth. If one did not know for sure, that God is all knowing; one would think that a mistake had been made. That  the Kingdom had to await a better prepared generation. One that had a firmer grasp on all this spiritual stuff. We, this hodgepodge of half human half Diving beings; running all over the earth to find power places, vesting our inner power in crystals, gurus anointed ministers, ultimate books, channels, revealing words, seminars, prayer meetings and solitary meditations. We are the ones to bring the heaven on this earth? Someone please call 911, or its heavenly equivalent, quick! The rescue squab must be someplace else, and we need them now.
There they go again, without the grace to blush, or hide their faces, insisting that we are the only rescue squad that is available for the task of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Not only that, there is the strong affirmation that we volunteered for the job.

VOLUNTEERED? Hear now the soul saying yes, please remember. Remember when the job was posted, how we rushed to sign up? If it weren’t for the fact that we are such gracious beings, we would have jostled one another in our haste to put our names on the list of applicants for Earth Transformation. That is the job title, Earth Transformation. We are the workers who came out here to do that wonderful job. And as we recall there was no coercion on the part of the recruiters either. Remember? How did Jesus put that? “I must be about my Father’s business.” Holy Archangel, we are starting to remember. Light is dawning. We are feeling the fire. 

Wait a minute; we are the fire; the dross that is falling away are the shadows that are melting to show us as the gold we are. 

It is so very good to remember.