Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sacred Waters

The Age of Aquarius brings with it the ancient symbols for purification. It is the image of the water bearer pouring out of a jug the living water of life. Now we are all familiar with the symbol for this age as the being with the jar of water on the shoulders of a toga wearing being. In today's world of taps as the giver of water, we forget how important water jugs were to our ancestors. Before the advent of water jars, our ancestors had to live near to the source of fresh water. They could not move their communities very far from a stream or they would have no means of drinking water Pipe lines were not laid yet. 

In ancient writings, water is used as a synonym for life. Science tells us that our bodies are mostly water held in the sacks we call skin. Water then takes on a great significance in understanding our relationship to the rest of the universe. It is my belief that everything on this planet is a symbol for some great truth we are yet to understand. When the symbol is understood the truth becomes our experience. Water is one of the most significant of these symbols. It has to be to be two thirds of the planetary surface with the same percentage in our bodies.  

We have not yet begun to find all the allusions to truth that water holds, even though we use water in some of our most sacred rites and ceremonies. We baptize our children shortly after birth with water, we wash our hands before we eat, and we wash our food before we eat it. We sprinkle 'holy' water on ourselves and expect to be inwardly cleansed by so doing; and we drink it constantly. Yet we have failed to give credence to its true sacred place in our experience. With this failure we have denied ourselves the expansion we may have had otherwise. 

The symbol of the bearer of water suggest that there is more to the water story than we know. We must look within the symbol for the significance it holds for our home going. The new age brings a whole new dimension to life. It is the very outpouring of Spirit upon all flesh as is stated in sacred writings. The bearer of this life expanding water is not some cosmic holy person coming to the earth and healing it and ourselves. We, ourselves, must take the jug, and pour the living water into our selves thereby cleansing ourselves of the ages old beliefs in separation and alienation from our Source.  Thus water then is another symbol for the knowledge of our oneness and connection to the entire universe.  

That is mind expanding merely to contemplate. That I, sitting here at this computer, seeing the little light darting across the screen and letters appearing as it moves, am connected to all beings every­where, expands me. That thought places within my imagination webs of light emanating from my physical being touching the furthermost reaches of everything.  As I do that, I take with me the waters of life and the love which is the very substance that I am. I share this love, and am given love in return.  

 Today I will remember to share the sacred waters of life I am privileged to know.