Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Extra Key

Years ago I had the following incident. I had stopped at the corner store to make a small purchase of a needed item on my way home from work. There were activities to be accomplished upon arriving home and leaving to get the item was not part of the plan.  As I parked the car, I searched in my wallet to ensure that I had enough cash to make the purchase. I did, but had to get out the change purse to make the whole sum. I then got out of the car, and dutifully locked the door. I know there is an angel that watches over the car, but prudence is always rewarded by the avoidance of scrapes.   

The door had no more shut than I realized that the key to the car was still in the car.  Calmly, I walked around to the passenger side to make sure that the key was indeed inside the car, and sure enough it was laying quietly on the passenger seat where I had placed it as I searched through my wallets. Unper­turbed, I went into the store, made my purchase and returned to the car.  There was no panic at all in my reaction or my action, the entire matter was conducted as if the key was not in the car. This calm sense of security came from the fact that I always packed an extra key in my purse. That incident reminded me of how secure I feel in other areas of my experience.  As if the extra key to everything is always there.

Truth is, it is. The wherewithal to do anything and everything my little heart desires is there, just waiting for me to tap into it with the power of my attention to bring it into physical manifesta­tion. (I have been asked why I always say "physical manifesta­tion?" Doesn't "manifestation" in and of itself imply a  physical appearance?  The Teachings speak of every thought becoming manifest, and since it is a well known fact that not every wish, thought or desire, we have we see with the physical eyes; I choose to see the difference by stating it in that manner.)  The knowing that all is provided, and all means physical, spiritual, mental and emotional, leaves me with the sense of security and well being.  

We have been taught, by the social consciousness, that in order to feel content­ment, which is what that feeling of security boils down to, we must have much of the world's goods, and no areas of concern in our experience. That has been a little less than the truth. In order to feel contented, one must be self accepting and self forgiving. The errors and foibles of everyday life are not enough to take our God given peace from us. If we were not so identified with what we see and feel we would always know this. Thus to claim contentment and security, and to know that is the truth about my emotional state, is to acknowledge that everything within the universe is in the care and keeping of the All Wise God, and that makes everything in their rightful place.

I can hear the protestations now!  Does not that make for a state of complacency, where there are no goals, no ambition, no striving, merely a flaccid, placid do nothing existence.  No, a thousand times no!  What a feeling of security and contentment does is allow one to pursue one's dreams from a calm state of knowing that the dream and its fulfillment are one. To have the dream, or desire is to have gotten it from the Father in the first place. Thus every dream comes with the energy to fulfill itself.  

Why then are there so many unfulfilled dreams?  And what about that old saw, that God does not want you to have whatever it is that you dream of having? I say there are unfulfilled dreams because we hear imperfectly. When the perfect dream is placed within the physically oriented aspect of consciousness by the Greater Self, it is filtered through all the gunk of our beliefs about how things should be. And there is a lot of gunk in most of us. This gunk so colors the dream that we think more of the 'how' than the 'what'.  The what is the completed dream. All The Teachings on visualizations emphasize seeing the finished dream. Seeing the finished dream aids and abets the feelings of security and contentment, and provides that feeling with the fertile soil in which to grow and flourish

So go ahead, pack that extra key of knowing all is well!