Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Grand Design

This earth life is designed to lead us beyond the merely human into the Divine aspect of ourselves. I call that state Full Humanhood. There are stages to every facet of our growth.  The Guru Master Person (Jesus who was Christed) laid out those stages a long time ago. His teaching on the subject has been used as another of the tools organized religion has used to enslave their followers. The stages he delineated were given in agricultural terms as he spoke to an agrarian people. Their import is still relevant today. 

 First the seed, then the plant, then the flower, then the fully developed fruit. I like to think we are in the plant stage of our development. We are at the stage when the plant is to put out the blossom the forerunner of the fruit. The plant stage is were we develop the skills necessary to flower.  Our flowering will be into Full Humanhood. It is not yet the god like state of the developed fruit, but it is much more subtle that the plant stage. 

Look how one stage depends upon the complete and perfect development of the one before it. Rarely do we see beautiful flowers and we think of the plant that produced those flowers. The plant had to have been there as flowers are not yet plucked out of thin air. There was a soil in which that plant grew and nourished itself with light from the sun in order to bring to the senses the fragrance of the flower.

So it is with the human stage of development. We nourished our bodies on the earth, we nourished our souls on the various religions and philosophies of the planet as we absorbed the light which emanates from the All Pervasive God of Light around and inside of us. We are now at the maturing stage when the flower is the next step in our development. No matter if we claim to be far away from such things, it was and is going on. Now we have fulfilled the plan for this stage of our growing, and must burst forth, a flower, a fragrant sight for all the universe to behold.  

It is said that not all are ready to make this grand transition into Full Humanhood, but there are many. Those who are ready are preparing themselves in ways of which there are no number. No two human beings are alike. But the instant of transformation will not catch those who are to make it unawares. They have been using the various and sundry methods of listening to listen to their inner voice and they are being guided.  

Some would not use such a term, as it sounds too religious, but they are preparing to be among the chosen at the flowering of Humanity.  En mass we will cross over, with eyes wide open, understanding the process even as we close the files on this particular stage of growth and enter the new stage filled with such promise.  

 I am grateful to be among those who have chosen to transform.