Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Soul's Work

The soul is the archive of beliefs. Any belief contrary to the truth that we are one must be brought to the light of truth and healed. That is the true healing that leads to the regeneration of the body.  Release of false beliefs in disease, poverty, pain, evil and death is not easy for earth dwellers. The reason it proves to be such a struggle to hold to the Truth of Being is that the current of the false belief runs so deep and strong within the social conscious­ness. 

This error thinking is so entrenched within the social consciousness that they are referred to as laws. Now a law is a very binding thing.  Especially when that law is said to have universal proportions, as some of these laws of disease and death are said to have.  One may feel afraid flying in the face of some malevolent cosmic force if one violates such laws.  But are they really laws, or are they entrenched beliefs that we have come to accept as laws?  There is a teaching which says there is only law, and that is the law of love.  When we as earth dwellers learn the meaning and the content of love, we have obeyed every law there could ever be.  

I am convinced that is the truth. 

The planetary healing and our own individual healing depends on our knowing this and striving to establish the law of love in our every interaction, and especially in our reactions. Love is the substance of Almighty God, and is given us to build lives reflective of its nature. That is to say, we are made by love, in love, to love, for the sake of love.  There cannot be much more love than that. We have altogether as one being forgotten that we are the stuff of love.  We have chosen to remain in the darkened closets of our unbelief while the light of love stands outside the door seeking admittance into out hearts. If we are to heal ourselves and our planet we must remember. We must call to mind that Love is all there is and we are that Love. The remembering brings with it the joy and peace we are seeking. These attrivutes are always where we are except that we have forgotten.  I am choosing to remember, and everyday there is more to remember.  As I remember I expand and as I expand the light spreads.   

I am grateful.