Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Awakening to A New Morn

(I chose this piece from previous writings to honor the Autumn Equinox)

Morning has broken is the song that called me to wakefulness this morning.  Issuing from the clock radio, signaling me to arise and be about the business of going home to the Love which formed me and endowed me with life. The song has a meaning far beyond the simple words they hold.  

 Morning has broken for all of humanity, and we may not go back to sleep. It does not matter at which stage of awakening we are, sleep is no longer available to humanity.  Babies and small children sleep most of their days, that is necessary for them to grow at the time when there is the most rapid growth humans do. The same is true of the earth sleep, we have been sleeping for eons. That was a necessary phase for us to grow rapidly. In the eternal sense, and that sleep is now over.  

We have grown. It may not appear that the hodge podge of personalities inhabiting the planet at this time have done any growing. Ah. but we have. With all the seeming injustices and imbalances that exist today it may seem as though we are growing backwards.  But we have grown outward instead. We have mastered the control of matter we came here to master. Now it is time to awaken and consciously do what we have been doing unconsciously.

The higher selves of humans have been merrily carrying out the intentions of creation while the earth bound portions of ourselves have been having the grandest sleep of all. It is integration time. The time when the higher self draws the earth bound conscious portion of Itself into the all of Itself and places it within the safety of Its love forever. We will not again walk this path of forgetfulness and sleep.   

Should we decide to don flesh once we have arisen and gone home, we will do so as conscious beings having the full knowing of who we are and why we are wearing flesh.  It is beginning to dawn on our awareness why we are here. We may not have all the words to tell the full story, but we know. Deep within our beings we know. We know the life of flesh is only a part of the life we are living. There is more to us than meets the eye. 

We are feeling the inner urge to find out what that more is. As we seek on the various paths available to us. We are beginning to grasp the truth that indeed we are children of a Loving God, who created us to love us. This loving Creator who has never for a moment stopped loving us, nor ceased caring for even 'the least' of us.  How can we be anything other than grateful for this knowing?  

We could spend an eon giving thanks and not cover any but the smallest portion of all that we have to be thankful for.