Saturday, September 26, 2015


Lately I have been constrained to examine the word awareness. What does it mean in the grand scheme of life?  It has been my habit to think of awareness as meaning spiritual insight, a consciousness of elements unseen, something beyond the average human experience. It is becoming clear to me that awareness means awareness of everything. Expansion includes a more acute awareness of my humanness and the transformation of that humanness into sheer Divinity.  

I have been blessed with always being very aware of my environment. The natural curiosity, with which I am endowed, has translated itself into the need to know.  Having learned at a very early age not to ask so many questions, I still ask more than the average quota of questions, I learned to observe my environment without seeming to do so. As soon as I enter a room, I inventory its contents and its occupants, quite without staring at anything or anyone in particular. Thus occurrences within the scope of my ears and eyes rarely escape my awareness. I file these pieces of information away, and sometimes they prove to be useful, sometimes they fall in the trivia bin, which is always threatening to spill over. 

It is becoming clear to me that this intense yearning to know everything has a purpose. The intent is for me to use that desire to know God, and to be aware of God within every­thing. This knowledge will translate into the the actions necessary to make the quantum transformation I am seeking.  At this point the question may be asked: With so much to do in any given day, why, it is not enough simply to interact with the people and events flowing through the day without being aware of all that is transpiring in the invisible realms around those events and people? One of the products of becoming greater than we are now is an expanded awareness.  It means to become super aware of everything, which puts us in the sphere of the all knowing.   

Once I begun to pay attention to this larger awareness, I noticed that a greater understanding of events is now mine. Small things, what is motivating people to act the way they do, the factors informing certain things, my own percep­tions and the distortion they contain. Small things, which had been attributed to mere curiosity in the past, are widening my awareness are giving me a sense of greater knowing than I had before. 

I used to think of greater awareness of being able to see angels and other beings who live all around us.  I'd know for sure when the greater awareness arrived. I would be able to see and converse with elementals, people who have crossed the veil of flesh, angels and ascended masters. It never crossed my mind that the greater awareness would begin with such small events. Although this small expansion had been going on for quite a while, I merely placed it in the realm of my constant desire to know.  

 One of the benefits of this growing awareness is that I ask fewer questions now. I often find myself in positions where things are said in my presence which clarifies and extend the awareness which I thought was occurring only in my head. It is a fascinating process. Information is accorded me that I am not quite sure how to handle.  

 For example, I might hear something which I had just thought about a few moments before,  and the words I heard confirmed what I just thought. This happens quite often.  I have chosen the role of observer of these events. A wider knowing of the purpose will let me know how to use this to enhance the transformation in which we are all engaged.  Everything is purposed toward this transformation.

I intend to corporate with it as much as possible.