Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Cause is the province of Spirit, and rests solely within Its purview. Spirit lives within the soul and the soul lives within the body. That is to say, you have a soul, you have a body, but ultimately you are Spirit. Whenever there is an appearance that seems to come from without, it is only a vision shrouded in the clouds of separation. Thus whatever appears is there as an object lesson the soul is attempt­ing to learn. Once the lesson is absorbed within the soul the appear­ance leaves. It is not important whether the appearance is pleasant to the body, the soul is occupying or not, the purpose behind every appearance is to enable the soul to expand and carry more of the Holy Light of Spirit into the dark crevices of the material plane.

Life is an evolving panorama of good. It does not always appear to be so from this material plane of duality and balance. Whenever the stage of balance is achieved, life unfolds as good and very good. Every nuance of life contains within itself a gift to the soul experiencing the event. What becomes necessary is the understanding that no matter how a situation appears, it contains good. That takes faith in a Universe of Love.   

We, ourselves, when we love another make every effort to provide good to the object of our affection. We know also, that at this stage of our evolution, we are imperfect in our expression of even our deepest love.  How much more does the universe seek to provide us with the most exquisite of pleasures and grace.  We sometimes do not see that the good is right under our collective noses. Perhaps, it is because of the ideas we hold of what good should be like.  Once we let go of what anything should be, then that thing is free to reveal its true purpose.  The Guru Master Person told us not to judge. When we 'judge' or define what something should be, we deny that thing the freedom to express what it truly is. Its intrinsic nature, which is good, is then covered over by our vision of what it should be.

The same is true of the persons in our world.  Each and everyone we ever meet has a gift to offer our souls. But before they can begin to make their offering, we decide who they are and why they have come into our world. Sometimes our judgement of their purpose is so all encompassing, they leave our experience without our receiving the gift.  It is my belief that the gift is always offered, but often we fail to take the gift as the bearer did not come in a package we were willing to accept.   

That clarifies so much of the terse statements given in The Teachings.  Statements such as "judge not lest you in turn be judge."  "Agree with your adversary quickly."  "When someone slaps you on one cheek, turn the other cheek."  Those statements are saying to me, at this level of understanding, I do not have all the information.  If I look at everything and everyone in my experience as bearing a gift, then that gift will be mine. Thus I will expand with its acceptance  to carry more light.  

Which of course is the purpose for being here.

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