Monday, September 7, 2015

Divine Appointments

I was reminded of an incident which confirmed the teaching which says, we make these little appointments with each other and the Universe helps us to get together. This particular incident concerned me and a taxi driver in New York City. My mother was dying. I had become overwhelmed with taking care of her by myself and so we agreed that New York City would be the best place for her. Her other child lived there. Plus there were more resources available for her there. I took her there. I made twice monthly visits to see her and take care of her on weekends. One such weekend, which involved, my going in on the very last flight on Friday night and returning on the very last flight Sunday night. It was not a burden. Being with a loved one is never a burden. 

I took a taxi from the Bronx where my brother lives and went to airport. This was an accustomed trip. I knew what the fare ought to be. This particular taxi driver told me that his meter was not working. That was alright as I had a figure for the fare in mind. How much could he deviate from that sum?  I had a plane to catch to make work at eight the next day.  When we pulled up to the airlines, he announced that his standard fare for that trip was one and one half times what I was used to paying. I refused to pay. We argued, and argued, and argued for perhaps fifteen minutes. I was a little early for my flight and I could argue. 

While all this arguing was going on, something very different happened. I seemed to split in two. There was a little me up in the corner of the taxi over my right shoulder laughing her head off. There was the usual me arguing and calling for the intervention of a police officer. I was being robbed! Eventually, I called down the lords of karma on his head, paid the requested sum, and exited his taxi. All the while there were two of me. 

As I entered the building all the anger drained out of me completely to be replaced with such laughter that the entire lobby stared at me. I could not help myself. I just doubled over with the greatest laughter. Then the voice came into my head and informed me that we, the taxi driver and I, had to meet. 

We had to spend time in each others presence. We could have chosen to make the interaction a pleasant one and enjoyed each others company while the higher selves completed the function that brought us together.  Instead, I in my distress over the steady decline in my mother's health, and he in whatever he was in, chose to make the meeting one of anger and strife. I repented and called off the lords of karma.   

But that taught me a valuable lesson that I had known in my head but had not allowed to penetrate my heart. There are no accidental meetings, no chance, no coincidence, no haphazard movement, everything is purposed. When we fully understand that truth, joy is released within us, and we look forward to every interaction, even if it is with a slightly dishonest taxi driver.

Everyone we meet is there on a Divine mission.