Saturday, September 12, 2015

Money and Me

I get very excited when there is any area of my psyche open for me to probe. My relationship to money has been a recurring theme with me now for many years. I have explained, accepted, rationalized, railed, pondered, pursued, ran away from and taken every other approach known to man on the question of money. My attitude has been one of inconsistency all the while. One day I spend like there is no tomorrow, under the premise that to spend is to circulate and it will come flowing back on the tides of love. The very next day, I refused to spend one single penny for fear that I will not have any money left. No wonder there has not been much of it in my coffers. 

I have a love hate relationship with the stuff.  And money does not like to be abused. Love hate relationships are abusive. Thus it stays away from me in the any appreciable quantity. Never enough to accomplish what I think I need to do. 

Is probing into my psyche bringing me resolution on the money question?  Yes, it is revealing to me the truth that I actually feared money. I have done my level best to ensure it does not come into my experi­ence in any appreciable amounts. I may become tainted with the stain money is said to have if it does. What a hypocrite I have been!  Money is not only a means of circulating energy, it is also a divine idea given to humans to assist them in moving energy from place to place in wallets.  

This entire look at my relationship to money came out of the blue. For the longest while I have given up thinking about my prosperity quest. I have been on for the longest time, ever since I started learning Spiritual Principles.  Spirit is issuing one of those calls to me that it always does. This time I will heed and get to the very bottom of all this mess that I have created for me around the idea of money. The time for me to resolve my relationship with money is now. I take the challenge to do so with grace.

First and foremost, here and now I release my fear that money is the great corrupter of my eternal soul.  I intend to go home, and may as well do so in style. The brink of poverty has been pleasant, and even fun at times to see how far I can go on small sums of money. Now I gladly release it to the light from within my pristine soul, and know that it is gone with that release.  I allow the ideas, held so firmly in the social conscious­ness, that wealth and godliness are incompatible to leave my individual consciousness. 

I further relinquish the thought system that there is something to be learned from suffering. This belief is wrapped tightly in the other idea that poverty is akin to saintliness.  I may have heard of more poor saints than wealthy ones, but there must be wealthy saintly persons somewhere! If this world has not yet produced one, it may as well do so now, as I will not relinquish my quest to become fully Christed. I won't have to. The Source and Center of Being is everything and that certainly includes all the wealth the world can produce. Further all things are for use. When the great transition is made the need for money may well be gone.  And if it is not I intend to have plenty; and if it does I will have a good time in between spending all that money! 

I let go!!!