Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Relationship with the Creator

In some religion, it is taught that we are truly unworthy and a wonderful god has seen it fit to redeem us from this original state of unworthiness and will one day make us kings and priests. This brings satisfaction to some. But for the life of me it does not ring true.  How can one who is perfect, and that is not a static state but and organic unfolding process, create beings like Itself, and they are somehow flawed? It fails to satisfy the evidence I see all around me.  

 A master carpenter does not build a house that is lean and unsound. Nor does a skilled surgeon use the scalpel to maim patients. Well if humans, who are supposed to be flawed, can, and do, perform work which is well nigh perfect, how can the Creator of these same humans created them with imperfection? There are some who say that humans were created without any imperfection, but they choose to be by disobeying the edicts of the Creator, thereby creating flaws within themselves. They were than punished for their disobedience by being inflicted with the flaw of unworthiness. 

This takes me right into my first thought about the intimate relationship I am having with this very Creator. I believe this was the purpose informing my creation. The seeking, I have been doing, to know and have intercourse with my Creator, comes from the Presence of the Creator within me.  

Having created humanity and placed within them the ability to do and be like unto Itself, the Creator of the universe wants to be in conscious contact with that humanity.  This union may not be forced. We would not be free will beings if it were. This union must be consummated from our end. The other end of the union, namely the Creator’s, has already reached out to us and placed within us the mechanism to make this union possible. And the intimacy we seek is merely a cry from the deepest portions of ourselves to complete that union.
I get to talking with God. I ask questions and fully expect to receive answers; and I do.  I present quandaries and they are solved. I have often times, in meditation or prayer, felt the very Presence of this Creator as arms enfolding me. Sometimes it feels like a safe and sturdy lap on which I sit and pour out the emotions that are in my heart. These are real experiences. They may have taken place within the confines of my imagination, but to me, they are extremely real. Often, my contact with the Great Creator of the Universe is more real than the "real" evidence I get from my contact with the world. The whole idea is to have this intimate contact as a continuous experience and not the occasional high it is now.   

For that I am striving.