Monday, September 21, 2015

Mystics and Fools

A mystic is defined as one who learns and understands from the intuition as opposed to information already produced. Thus all knowledge has a mystical flavor about it. The first person to gain the knowledge, got it from within. Then it was broadcasted to make it known to those who were not listening as intently.  

There is a song that has been trundling around in my head along with the word mystic and it is called "In the Silence."  In certain circles meditation is called sitting in the silence. That time when the body and mind are stilled so the knowledge available within the Universal Mind may be heard over the din of the social conscious­ness.  

This morning, as I struggled to become awake enough to function, I asked myself why bother? What is the purpose of writing this blog post? Would not I be better served to just roll over, sleep for another hour and then do the daily chores?  But even as I write those words I know the answer.  

It truly does not matter if this is never read by another soul this side of the transforma­tion. What is of import is the expansion my soul receives.  We do not live in isolation. No matter how alone we may feel at times, we are all connected! Thus when one soul expands that expansion is felt and known by all souls everywhere. Eventually the individu­als inhabiting those other souls will consciously become a part of that expansion. As with ripples in a pond, the expansion reaches everyone.

That is the purpose of the mystical path. It is not so much as to enlighten one soul, but to provide the arena for all souls to expand and become the fullness of the potential that is within everyone.  My part, though appearing solitary at this time, is a function of the entirety that is humanity. I cannot fail to do my part and the whole succeed. That is not some egomaniacal state­ment, but a true acceptance of the connections that bind us all in the web of love that we call life.   

Someone once called me a mystic. I thought that they wanted something that maybe I was not prepared to give, so they were buttering me up.  I shy away from saying such things as the test of the pudding is in the tasting. What my mind conjures up as mystical is far from what I experience.  But there have been times when I simply knew what was occurring around me. When I knew to call someone that needed to be in touch with me. When I knew to go somewhere where my presence was required. When I felt the joy or pain of another very deeply.  Those are well within the parameters of the mystical as the only way I had of knowing was from within my own being.

This is a day to listen, intently!