Thursday, September 10, 2015

Naming a Devine Ability

The ability to give names to events is a very powerful force.  Whatever we name takes on the characteristics inherent within that name. I was having a conversation with someone recently who claimed to be undergoing stress as so many evens were occurring in her experience simultaneously.  As she described the various and sundry manifestation of this stress within her life, I noted that from time to time, I would have some of those same symptoms. One that sticks out in my mind at this time is the momentary forgetfulness, where the thought in mind appears to be lost, or the object in hand is laid down and there is no conscious awareness of where it was placed. I have had years like that!   

To my mind that was an activity of  my awakening spirit, and therefore never gave a thought to it being stress. In retrospect, I have often seen how outer events were stressful, and at some level I was responding to that stress. While in the throes of those events stress was very far from my thinking.  So, this power to name, given to humans by their Creator as the method to create the feelings, we call experience, may be used for good or for the not so good. 

Whatever I call a thing that is the meaning I give to that thing. Thus I have taken to calling most things and persons in my orbit good and very good. Amazingly, they present that facet of themselves to me. Whenever I remember to call them good I get the good from them.  As I go through any day, I have the experience I name things, events and people.  Nothing has meaning for me, except the meaning I give to it. If I say the day is horrible simply because it is cloudy and raining, I go about having a horrible day. On the other hand if I pick up an umbrella and say the day is fine, the sun may never shine at all that day, yet my experience testifies to a fine day. 

That is amazing, far more amazing than I know even as I write this.  Positive thinking is not exactly what I am discussing. Although that is the perfect place to begin the change of mind which will produce the good in every experience.  Each person I meet has the power to be angelic or demonic. I have the same power, and I am sure to some I appear to be demonic.  As I see angels in human beings they take on the aspects of angels and perform for me angelic deeds. Woe to me if I see devils, as demonic deeds are what I will get.  

And boy will I be sorry.