Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Energy Load

Currently Humanity has a preponderance of its energy tilted on the side of harmfulness. It has been so for a very long time now, and that energy must now be brought into balance. At this time, we are being given what is known to our finite minds as a Dispensation of Grace. This Dispensation of Grace allows us to redeem the harmful energy and transform it into harmlessness with great joy and thanksgiving.  

The choice is ours, in that we can continue with business as usual, and with gross negligence mis-create; thereby not transforming. Or we can listen to the inner promptings, each and everyone of us hears everyday, and transform. Doing the former will not take us outside of the will of God, nor out of Its love. The God I know loves without any such silly conditions. However the future planned for the planet and its inhabitants will not include those who so choose. For those, other places and times will be provided to redeem the energy and transform it. The Will of God is harmlessness. All beings must come into alignment with that Will sooner or later.  For the planet earth sooner is the plan.

I have chosen to participate in the transformation with my eyes wide open in order to see the great light that I am. Great lights are all around me in the forms of my sisters and brothers. In making this decision, I have accepted the responsi­bil­ity to inform as many of those who have not yet begun to listen to their own inner promptings to do so. I pray for all of the race human, and ask that the veils be lifted by the higher self of everyone, that none has to wait to be transformed.  Because it is becoming clear to me that will be many ages hence, as we count time, before an opportunity so great as this one will be given to Humanity again.

As we individually, and collectively, begin to embrace our inevitable transformation the radiance of the redeemed energy spreads like the rays of the sun, warming and awakening those who are still in the sleep of separation. We are all caught in the sleep of separation.  We look on the bodies we wear and think because they appear discreet, we are discreet beings with private lives. That is not the truth. We are connected so intimately that every aspect of who we are is known to those with wider vision. The transformation will widen our vision so that we will see with god like eyes and know as we have ascribed to God to know.  
When we know with the wider knowing available to those who transform we stop judging. We begin to see a bigger picture and know all the forces at play in any given situation. That in and of itself should make the transforma­tion very attractive to us.  But we are very attached to limitations, and the states of being victims.  

A wider vision takes from us the tendency to think that anyone is great enough to do something to us. Better yet, we are great enough to do something to another.  We begin to understand and live from the premise that only what is good for the whole will we do. That indeed is not sacrificial living. It is called in the Teachings harmlessness. It is also taught that true love never asks for a sacrifice. Nothing has to be given except true love. Love is. It is what we are. In the transfor­mation we will know that without a doubt. I, myself, can hardly wait.

The planetary transformation needs all hands on board. So much needs to be accomplished and the willingness of the participants is the only prerequisite. Why?  All has already been provided. Only the willingness to be a part of the fun is missing for some of us. Once a being provides the willingness, the ways and means for individual transformation are provided. They simply keep appearing, one after the other.  

The Guru Master Person said that the harvest truly is plenti­ful, but the laborers are few.  We tend to think that some cosmic rescue squad will descend on the planet and transform us and the planet. I don't think so. The rescue squad is in force already on the planet, and friends it is us. We are the ones who chose to be among the chosen. Now is the appointed time for us to act. This is the fullness of time spoken of in sacred writings.   

We know that is the truth as we can each feel it deep within. Something is stirring, and it is not chili, but a divine restless­ness. It is an urge to get on with it; if we could just find out what it is. Well it is the Transformation, and we are smack dab in the middle of it. There will be no more signs, warnings, portents or harbingers; as when an event is occurring there is no need to announce it.

What does it take for a being to participate in the transformation and move graciously into the fourth and fifth dimensions where the young gods live. For us bound in flesh the initial step is to be willing to do it. To understand that there is much that lay outside of the realm of the normal consciousness and that all will not be known instantly. That is a major part of our reluctance, we want the blueprint up front. We do have the blueprint, we just haven't learned how to read it as yet. Having supplied the willingness, the next step is to actively listen to the voice within. This voice has been speaking all along, but with the din form our five senses its voice is hardly ever heard by a great portion of us. This listening begins with a conscious effort to quiet the noisy and boisterous five senses.  Some folks refer to that as meditation. 

 One can not hear if one is speaking. Thus prayer as we know it does not lend itself to the type of listening being discussed here. Once we begin the listening process, the trust or faith factor kicks in. We just have to trust. Trust what we hear is the inner voice, and act on that trust. The forces within the Transformation will assist with such grace and direct­ness, that the word miracle will slip naturally into the vocabulary; that's how life will seem.
It has been my experience that when I think I hear for someone else, I have been listening to the voice of my own ego. The ego is very resistant to all this Transformation business.  It wants to carry on as usual. Change that it did not orchestrate disturbs it. The ego is necessary to this process. It was formed to serve the higher forces that are within the Transformation.  But it has taken power and now believe itself to be in charge of  life.  We have to put a stop to that. Only we can.   

So I speak gently but firmly to my ego, and sometimes it even listens to the voice of reason.  My ego is also very cunning and uses very subtle ways to divert me from my determined participation in the Transformation. It knows all The Teachings I do, and is not above using those very  teachings as a diversionary tactic.  So I have to stand in vigilance to its wiles, and loving invite it into the light.  

 One practice I have used is to gently rub myself around the abdomen area while I speak to the ego. It is taught, the abdomen is the residence of the ego in humans, and it works for me. There is a feeling of acceptance and a willingness to go along when I do this exercise.  Here's the wonderful part. Whenever the ego complies with the voice of Spirit it feels so fulfilled and satisfied. Then it wants to comply in that area and that area only, holding out in other areas, so it has to be coaxed. With every area that is is not yet surrendered to this glorious process of transfor­mation my ego has to be coaxed. 

The Work continues, daily.