Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Will of God

I have been thinking about  'knowing' the Will of God.  So much has been made in traditional religions of knowing the Will Of God, that one may be left to wonder if it is possible for an average human to get it. Those who listen to teachers, and read books of a religious bent, as opposed to those of a spiritual bent, may wonder if they are every capable of knowing the Will Of God. When my intentions are for the good of all concerned, I take it for granted that I am performing the Will of God.  

I have stopped sweating the small stuff and just live everyday, looking within as much as I can. Praying as much as I can, and monitoring my intentions to be clear on the harmlessness issue. Then go on to believing that indeed I am in the Will of God. That does not imply that everything I touch turns to gold! This is implied by a lot of teachings. There is a peace and contentment within me that nothing in the outer world can disturb. This to me is evidence of being in the flow of life. When I am in the flow of life I am in the Will of God. 

Often we are constrained to think that the Will of God is outside of ourselves and is being imposed by a Being so great that Its wishes must be done, or else.  The God I understand, and am coming to know more and more everyday, is One filled with such love and caring that imposition of any sort is not a part of what It is.  Having endowed Its creatures with free will, and having established any and every possibility, It then waits in infinite patience for us to turn within and find all that It is. In that finding we find ourselves. 

 It is quite mysterious to us, caught as we are in the duality of the flesh. Whenever we lift our gaze to the heights where Oneness lives undisturbed by shifting poles, we will see and know that there is only One Being in the universe and we are a part of that Being.   

We can never be out of favor with ourselves, no matter how hard we try, and we do try.