Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Victims and Victimizers

Because we are such powerful spiritual beings masquerading as puny earthlings, we delude ourselves into acting like victims. There is not a one of us who is a victim. No matter how it looks. No matter how we seemingly enter into situations unwittingly, and are imposed upon, whether by nature, or our fellow human beings, we caused those situations to happen. I know that are many of us who prefer the role of victim. There are those who would rather wallow in the silt of blame than take some responsibility for any area of experience. That does not make us victims.  

That makes us actors living a role we are unwilling to admit into our waking awareness. We choose our experiences as adroitly as we choose vegetables in a market. The constant whining that we do about the state of affairs ill becomes us. We are indeed better than that. We have enough power to rebuild not only our own bodies into the image we prefer, but to join with the earth in her own regenerating project.  

Owning that we, ourselves, are the cause of our world is the first step away from the victim's mentality that so many of us choose to have. When I say to people that I caused everything that happens to me, they like to point to the many areas of social life over which I, as one solitary human being, have no control.  Ah, but I do have control.  I have given away areas of my experience for others to act out, thus the government no more control my existence than they the driver who darts in front of the car I am driving on the highway. All of the actors in my experience are there by invitation. Those who I do not prefer to have are no longer in my experience.

Think for a moment of the many persons who have come and gone from your life, no matter how few years you have been on the planet. Why did they come, why are they gone?  Why are the ones that are now close to you now close to you?  What is in it for them or for you?  When I stop to think about these things, it begins to dawn on my awareness how very powerful I am. That does not give me power over anyone else. True power is "power to" not "power over". All are unique, sovereign beings choosing their own experience.  

You see, we have these little dates, assignations we make, with one another to meet at particular points in our experience and accomplish certain functions together. We all have had the experience of meeting perfect strangers and felt such resonance with that person, we do not wish to part from them. We carry on a love affair with that person, and that has nothing to do with sexual attrac­tion. Then that person does something that simply alienates them from us, or we ourselves become the originator of the act that separates us. We planned to meet, accomplish a phase of growing for each other. When that phase is complete, we part to make other appointments with other people. When we begin to understand that, to know that we are the grand conductor of our lives, we leave the role of victims behind and begin to co-create wholeness with the Living Spirit within us.

Which are you in this moment, victim or victimizer?