Wednesday, September 9, 2015

World Day of Prayer 9/9/15

Today is the World Day of Prayer. This event was started 125 years by Silent Unity, at the time a small prayer group in Lee Summit, Missouri, led by a couple named Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. The faithful have gathered for a twenty-four hour vigil to hold the torch of Peace every year since. From this small group of the faithful, WOP has grown to be a worldwide movement with people of all religion participating. It is not important what name is given to the God of your understanding, prayer is a vital part of all faith tradition.

At the Unity center I attend, Unity Atlanta North, we have made elaborate preparations to allow those attending the vigil there find that center of peace within their heart. We have laid out a portable labyrinth and every active ministry within the church has a table to acquaint visitors of the work in which they are engaged. Visits can be made at anytime during this twenty-four hour period. Those who made it a vital part of their year say the late nights are the most sacred. Others say sunrise is best. You choose, but please participate.

When we gather in the name of Love, we are joined by all those who trust in Love as a force within the Universe. When we know that there other people gathering at the same time, the force is strengthened and the impact on the global consciousness becomes greater. At this time when there is seemingly an endless list of places of conflict, it is almost imperative for those who believe in the power of prayer to join in and pray for Peace.

Peace is our right. It is the ultimate gift of our Creator, and can be had with effort. The only reason effort is required, is that we have forgotten our connection with the Creator of the Universe. Events such as the World Day of Prayer serve to remind us of that connection and to strengthen that connection. We deserve a world where peace, prosperity and harmony is the prevailing consciousness of everyone.

Let us gather together in the Love and pursue Peace.