Sunday, October 4, 2015


There is an urgency about the transition we are making leading to the ascension of humanity and the earth. This urgency comes on the heels of the understanding that single, solitary, ascensions are no longer possible. Before this era, individual seekers, after the life of Spirit, were able to complete their process and move into the light. In other words, ascensions were done on an individual basis.  While they were doing their process, they taught, wrote books, or had disciples who passed on to the rest of humanity the journey they made.  A lot of what has come down to us in very arcane, esoteric language and practices are the progresses these beings made toward the light of ascension.   

The fact remains, they made the journey, out of the darkened rooms of limitation and ego bound consciousness, into the glorious light of limitlessness and freedom. Because of their valiant work a path, wide enough for everybody to see and follow, has been opened. This path though must be traveled by groups. The lone ranger, maverick, type of progress is no longer available to humanity, we must do this together.  I feel the urge to progress, this gives me the knowing that this is one trip I may not make alone. There are others who have the same feeling, I may not know them physically, but I can feel the strength of the movement toward the light, and know there are many of us making this journey.  This calls up gratitude from within me, but there are many more who are not making the effort. I want them to come along.  Selfishly, or not, since I cannot make it alone, and I want to go beyond where we are now, I must make every effort to invite others to come with me.

We are on our way to the Fourth Dimension.