Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Being In A Body

Being in a body is a privilege which the soul has earned. Once within that body every joy, available to bodies, is then a right the soul may appropriate unto itself. Joys, bliss and pleasures come with the territory. Thus, for me to be here drawing breath is a joyous experience. There is no need to suffer, or be burdened by any experience. 

Each experience is a choice and on some level of being, fulfills the expansion which is always underway. To expand into the Greater Self is the task undertaken by the soul when it incarnates. There is no imposition or bondage, all is the choice of the soul. I am indeed grateful for this understanding and know that no matter what occurs, it is my choice to be a part of it all.

I give thanks and move into this glorious day with joy and abandon, knowing there is only love within and without the who I am right now.