Friday, October 9, 2015

Bless Your Body

“The Mother is saying to us all, I believe: “You cannot transform what you have not first blessed.” Blessing the body and its desires enabled you to begin to infuse those desires with light and to allow them to unfold into deeper and deeper kinds of love.”  The above was quoted from Dialogues with a Modern Mystic by Andrew Harvey and Mark Matousek.

I read those words a few days ago, and got to thinking how do I refrain from loving my own body.  I used to make a habit of actively blessing my body. I have not done so in quite a while. I have taken that my body is blessed; my tissues and sinews are strong and thriving. The above quote reminded me that I must again make the habit of blessing the body a daily one.

Here and now, I bless my body. I pour light from the crown of my head to the tips of my toes. My body is worthy of love, it was created in love, and lives as an expression of love. I allow this love to surround my body now and always. I call upon the atoms within my body to spin in perfect health and wholeness. I love my body.

Because we are heading into the Grand Transformation, it is important that we use every tool in our tool box to hasten the moment of joy when we transform. Blessing the physical body is one such tool. I invite you to bless your body, and allow it to exhibit the health of which it is capable.

Today, I bless my body and yours.