Sunday, October 4, 2015


I have been thinking about death lately, and how dying is taken for granted.  Everyone expects to die! We point to winters followed by springs as a harbinger of  death. Someone ages ago said death is the last enemy of humanity. When death is conquered humanity will be free. As a race we have all feared death. It appears to us to be so final, unrecoverable somehow.  

Recently, with the quantity of people writing best selling books about the near death experience, the fear of death has been lifted from some of us. Although some of us still look to death as a way of solving all our problems. When the problems seem to be too much we give death a hand by committing suicide, which is an illegal act for which one can be thrown in jail. (I have always thought that making suicide an illegal act was some kind of legal joke only lawyers could understand.)  But death itself, some will say, is the only certainty in life. Quite a statement, as death is also said to be the opposite of life. 

When I cut my finger, it heals, mostly without any effort on my part. What tells my finger to seal a wound and make itself whole again?  As I ask these types of questions, the answer is the life thrilling throughout all the universe is intelligent, self perpetuating and cannot die. That life is within every atom of my body. So, if life cannot die, how can I die?  I often declare with great certainty that I am life, life is everlasting, from one eternity to another. In that case I can not die.    

Then, it must be bodies that die.  Even those do not really die, they merely have the energy within them changed as the elements of which they were composed are returned to the earth from which they came. Yet death is so much a part of our social consciousness that everyone expects to die. In The Teachings, it is taught that human beings can live forever in bodies that do not age.  If the thought of death were never transmit­ted to us, we would not know how to die. Think about that!

At this point it is not important where the idea of death came from, or when it first infested the racial consciousness. It is here and the manifestations are before us all to see. The ones who originally introduced the concept of death are no longer here to say how it all came about, they died.  What are we to do?  The evidence of aging and death is all around us, how does an individual free herself from the throes of such thinking and think life?  

 It has been my experience that thoughts of life has kept my body relative free from illness and general maladies. But there are some signs of aging. Yes, there are a few gray hairs, some slowing down and a great disinclination to listen to rap music. That must be aging. Yet my mind remains young, and I feel as invincible as I did at twenty. I feel positively indestructible. Even after my recent bout with cancer, I feel indestructible.
A bit of clarity is needed here concerning the human form as it is now known. The plane on which we live is called the third dimension. On this plane the vibratory rate is such that things appear to be solid. We need the type of bodies we wear here. Progress means finer and finer levels of vibration.  Finer, or as some teachings say higher, levels of vibration appear less dense, therefore less solid. We all know about the solid, liquid and gaseous states matter takes. As we progress, move into finer and finer levels of vibration, we will perhaps need to change our bodies. It is my belief that we do not have to change those bodies in the violent and painful manner we do now. The change does not have to look like the death as it appears today. So, when I question death, I am not here questioning the changes progress brings. I am questioning the manner in which we have collectively chosen to make those changes.

Therefore the last enemy of humanity, death, is the final mask we must remove to see ourselves as the Divine beings that we are, the very image and likeness of our Creator God, who created us like unto Itself. We cannot escape that wonderful destiny.  It is time we stop postponing the inevitable, and move beyond all the limitations we have placed upon ourselves.  As we take a hard look at who and what we are, we begin to see we do not have to die, but rather we must change.  It is said that change is the only constant in the universe. Change can be joyous and creative as we allow the ages old misconceptions to leave our awareness and embrace the love which formed us. 

Today we live. We are the product of LIFE!!!