Monday, October 19, 2015


I completed training at the Unity Church yesterday. It taxed my physical strength. So much so, I was not able to write a blog post yesterday. It was grand and fulfilled places in me that needed fulfilling. The overall theme was how we limit the Divine by having names for that Divine. Some call the Divine God, Atman, Allah, Lord and Christ. All those name are sacred to particular persons for whom the Divine is only real when those names are used.

I personally like the word God. Not because I want to own a personal Deity, but because I am comfortable with that word. I also refer to my innate Divinity as Father/Mother/God. One of my very favorite names for The Divine is Holy Spirit. What I mean when I say Holy Spirit is the Whole of Spirit. Mainly I simply know that I am an expression of The Divine and have all the capabilities of that Divinity within me. I may not use any of it but it is there.

There are factions who think that the Divine is well outside of them. Some of these factions think that rituals, petitions and even sacrifices need to be made to make and maintain contact with that Divinity. Although a new language is emerging to address the concept of the Divine, even there some rituals persist. We have not advanced to the stage where we are constantly aware of the Divine within everything and rituals help to bring us back to that awareness.

Today let us know together, we are The Divine in flesh.