Sunday, October 25, 2015

Energic Movement

The energy has changed within me so drastically within the past few days, that the familiar is no longer familiar. The emotions within me are so new, yet it seems I have known them before. Let me try to explain. There is now, even as these words are being written, a new and deep contentment which is brand new, yet old somehow. It stays even though my thoughts run to the most mundane of things.  For example, I may be thinking about what I ought wear, and underneath that thought is an abiding awareness of the Presence containing  universal import.  Inner states are most difficult to describe. They are so very subjective. The view from within is so individualized, that general descriptions are not readily available. The images vary from the usual universal images we share with each other, to images which are not images but a deep knowing of other states of being.

Take for example the energy pulsing through my body almost all the time now.  Sometimes it feels like a tingle, sometimes it feels like a throbbing, and at other times there is the distinct impres­sion of the gathering up of electricity. It is all the same energy which intensifies in meditation and when I am entering into sleep. It carries with it a purifying element which I know is transform­ing my physical structure.  Sometimes, when I glance in the mirror, I seem to see a glow suffusing my form.  No, it is not like the aura that people claim to see, as that is around the form. This glow, of which I speak, is somehow within my form. The peace, I am now experiencing, is also different from before.  It contains elements I had not thought of as being a component of peace. Before now, I used to think of peace as the absence of any type of tension; yet this new peace, I am experiencing, embraces tension and even conflict and makes them a part of itself. Then there is the contentment with holds within itself all the unfulfilled desires and still remains. It is not that I have given up on my dreams and can now stay here without any ambition for a physical future; it is that desires are here with me, but that pressing urgency has been lifted, and now the desires are by themselves, not needing any justification for being here.
What I am experiencing is new to me, it is straining at my intellect to find the words to describe it. There are no words.  A new type of transcendency is within my thinking and feeling natures, embracing all the opposites that I can think of, defines those opposites as distinct, yet somehow seamlessly merging them into one cohesive whole. Again my ears are sensitive to sounds and everything seems loud.  I do an exercise to feel the great waves of life flowing through my body and integrate some of this new awareness into a cohesion my mind can accept.  

I sit quietly and merely sense what was happening within my body.  As I do that there is a feeling of movement, sometimes from side to side like the rocking of a boat, and at other times a spiraling up and down. Often, I do not have to think of the exercise to experience the movement within my body. It is there almost all the time now.  All it takes to for me to be aware of it is to not be aware of anything else. The natural pauses which come every day to life, the small instances of silence, bring to my awareness this feeling of motion through­out my entire body.

Some of what I am now experiencing has been occurring for years, and some of it is brand new. The tendency to jump to immediate conclusions has fled from me. For that I am grateful. So as of this writing I am not sure what to call all of this. What I do know with great certainty is that this and every manifestation is of Spirit. Daily I call on Spirit to lead me, guide me, and purify me, the better to equip me to channel the mighty energy of transformation that is all around us now. 

The energy is sustaining itself at a finer vibratory rate now.