Thursday, October 1, 2015

Healing My Stuff

My own stuff is always so foremost in my mind, that sometimes I am heedless of the needs of others. That is called insensitivity; a very social consciousness concept that I must examine throughout this day and come to the balance between my truth and sensitivity. Then again, there is the balance between knowing and interfering. Interfering was a favorite trick of mine, all done in the name of helpfulness, and causing resentment and rancor to be the gifts I received in return.   

I am learning how to leave well enough alone, and not to voice what to me seems obvious. When people desire to hear they will hear. If it is my privilege to be the one who tells them, then that too will appear.  As I always say, "you can't heal someone else's stuff; you can only heal your own stuff." 

Beginning with this moment, I will consciously observe how I perceive others as I meet them along the way. Wherever that perception is of someone less than being my holy sibling, I will change that perception. That is the vigilance required for the total transformation that I seek.  It is taught that the only miracle possible is the miracle of a changed perception. From seeing the truth comes the truth in our experience. 

I intend to experience truth on all levels at all times; that is the true transformation which I seek. That can be done only as I see myself seeing, and then change my mind about what I see. I am grateful for those beings who troubled my spirit with there candor. By so doing they have given me another prod to urge me on my journey home. It is never the other person, of that I am totally certain. Whatever occurs in my experience does so at the behest. It cannot be otherwise. There is no being powerful enough to impose events on the sovereign beings we are.  For that I am grateful. That gratitude helps me in owning the responsibility of my actions and moves me into the realm of creativity that is my rightful place.

Self acceptance, as it grows, often appears as arrogance to the eyes of those who are not as accepting of themselves. I know this. Yet I often fail to use that knowing as the measuring rod in my acceptance. I have been known to demand acceptance and understanding for myself from myself. I know that the work of total transformation is not yet completed within my own soul.  Now that knowing must be transferred to those who share my world with me.

 A few short days ago I would have said, I was doing just that. Yet there are areas where I criticize, judge and find fault with the behavior of others. Always I am careful to note within the confines of my own mind that whatever I was judging was not the person but the behavior. A noble enough stance. That stance must now be left behind for the higher ground of total acceptance. I received the opportunity to allow intimacy to be a part of my experience. Now within the crucible of the encounters with other beings, I will allow all that needs to surface to do so and be healed.   

Thanks Fellows!