Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Love Made You

There is a facet of our individuality which seeks exclusivity. This exclusivity is a distortion of our need to be recognized as unique. Now, if God thought it perfect to create the individual in order to complete Itself, is not the individual unique?  So often we cry out for recognition and acceptance, using very dangerous and destruc­tive means to make that cry heard.  

Think now of the tremendous effort exerted to bring to the world who we are. That will give us an inclining of our importance in the Cosmic scheme of things. When God conceptualized Its comple­tion, you and I were a segment God deemed necessary to that completion. That is the extent of our importance in the overall plan God has for Its everlasting fulfillment. The errors we have committed are mere blips in our destined perfection. This perfec­tion is a conceptual completion in the Mind of God. As far as God is concerned we are already perfect. We are here on this plane of existence to become personally and individually aware of that perfection.

The events of our everyday lives are of importance to God. They are the opportunities, granted us, to see the Divine orchestration within the universe. With each event we experience, the opportu­nity is afforded us to view life from two different perspectives. 

The first perspective is that of the human, and is limited and often overly personal. The second per­spective is Divine, unlimited and extremely impersonal. The slant we place on our experiences makes those experiences enrich­ing and ennobling, or dehumanizing and degrad­ing.  A part of the Cosmic scheme for the individual recogni­tion of its Divinity, is the testing of the commitment to enlarge the life view. Thus when the individual turns toward the infinite there are tests that must be met and passed. The testing itself is of the individual's own choosing, and usually occurs in areas of experience where the individual does not see the Hand of God.

When we are in adverse circumstances, it is customary for us to see the underlying testing.  It is at those times that we are wont to call upon God; whether or not we had any previous conscious contact with God.  But the welcomed, pleasant situations are also test we take to expand our awareness of the activity of the Divine within our experience. The commitment, remember, is to know the Divine in all situations, under all circumstances, and to trust that this very same Divine is working for good in all the events in our lives. The nature of God is good, thus events are not inherently unlike their progeni­tor. This is the reason mystics and sages throughout the ages have urged us to look beyond the immediate situation to its universal implications. Said another way, the immediate material circumstance should be viewed as an illusion masking the real intent of all that is good.

Seeing the larger context in which we live our lives is not necessarily to embrace the "sweet bye and bye" concept and await a heaven after we are dead. It is giving recognition to the truth that life is not lived in a vacuum. Nor are we here to suffer so that we may earn crowns above someday. We are here to know God as It is exhibited in our flesh and the flesh of our fellow travelers on this earth plane. The extent to which we fulfill this mandate depends on the amount of energy we give to seeing the Hand of God in all that we experience, be those experiences "good" or "bad".  God is intimately involved in all our interac­tions, and is evident to our finite minds whenever we take the time to look for the influence for good within our affairs. Whatever we experience may point us to where God lives, and how God operates. However, we do have to look for the "moving finger" that is writing.

Eons ago when our universe exploded into form, we were the intent of God within that spectacular movement of cosmic energy to form the earth and people it with ourselves. That makes God inti­mate and personal to every nuance of our existence. A Being so great deems it necessary to appear as human flesh and that flesh to be you and me. That is the best example of impersonal love that may be personally known at this time.  

This love desires for us to "prosper and be in health".  This love cares if we break a finger­nail before a big event, and would say it is alright to be a little vain. This love is so nurturing that the very design of the bio-sphere called earth supports the life of every minute creature upon it. This love is so great that our errors are not even known to the God whose eyes are too pure to see evil. This is the Love/God we came to earth to consciously know and experi­ence.  This is the God whose loving hand moves through our affairs and patiently awaits our recognition.

In the words of the modern sage "see God".