Monday, October 5, 2015

The Big Picture

The universe is a most complex organism that nurtures even the smallest of its inhabitants, without which it would be incom­plete.The one attribute of God that all earth's religions agree upon is that God in infinite. Some teachings of some religions place God outside of the human experience, while others place God so much a part of that experience, God all but appear to be a human being with far too much power.   

There is another view of God which is more intimate and infinitely more loving. All that infinity implies, and all that humanity denotes can be summed up in God. This al­ternate view attributes to God all the power, glory and wonder inherent in the words omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, omni­-corporeal and omniferious. Yet this same God deems it perfect to inhabit the flesh of humans, not as an invader or even a savior, but as that very flesh. It is spoken of as the mystery of God and man. I'd rather say it as the mystery of God in/as man. 

 Omniferious means containing all substance. Thus the real mystery is that God contains all the substance there is, yet is all the substance, which makes God omni-prevalent. How can a Being so great be interested in the small "slings and arrows" of our everyday "outrageous fortune", while still maintaining the universe in its perfect precision? That is a question we are wont to ask whenever we think of the Allness of Almighty God.

There is a premise that on close examination offers a most accept­able explanation to that most perplexing of question. It is that the Creator of all things so loves the individual, that It orchestrated an infinite universe to allow that individual to be. The expression of each individual is indispensable to the totali­ty of the Being that is God. 

At the dawn of our universe there was only energy. This energy constitutes the very substance of God, it was yet unformed. Because this energy is God, it is intelligent and holds within itself the potential of every known form. In other words this energy, God is omniferious. For eons this primal energy swirled and trundled through the outer reaches of the known pulling ever more tightly within itself with each spin of its center.

At a certain point in its contractions it exploded, this is known as the Big Bang theory. This colossal explosion caused suns to form, these suns created from the momentum of the initial spin, continued for further eons to spin and cool fragmenting them­selves into planets. In the "fullness of time', that is when God deemed it appropriate, living beings appeared upon these planets. The evolution of man as promulgated by Darwin, or the creation of man as proclaimed by the Bible, each may be comfortably supported by this premise. This same God, who contains all the substance there is, moved unimaginable amounts of energy around a universe vaster than we can conceive, simple to create human beings.  Not just any human being but you and me. This is a very comforting premise, and allows each and everyone of us to approach this God in our own individual manner, as that is the intent and will of this Almighty God.

I am grateful!