Monday, October 12, 2015

The Great Highway

Our journey here on earth can be likened to a great highway leading one way home to love. We all have vehicles of our own choosing to traverse this highway. Some have sleek sports cars which zip by never bothering to see the surrounding beauty along the way. Others have station wagons with many passengers and meander along stopping often to view the surroundings. Some of the travelers have great big semi-trailer trucks with lots of baggage that make the journey slow and cumbersome.  Many more take the many tangents and byways dotting the highway and spend time being lost in them.

Along the highway there are resting places. These can be places of extreme beauty and grace, or tangled woods filled with danger. Stopping at anyone of these places is always the traveler’s choice. The traveler may stay as long or as short as they choose. Eventually all must take the Great highway and go Home. Some travelers spend lifetimes in these resting places, mistaking the rest stop for the final destination. The life within these rest stops can be wonderful, filled with much joy and contentment. In other places the life may seem like the proverbial hell and the traveler may not wish to stay very long.  Either way the rest stop is not where the traveler may end the journey.

Eventually each and every traveler gets back on the Great Highway and goes home.