Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Manifesting Process

It is taught, the focused attention is the manifester of experi­ence.  In order for human beings to become something, obtain something, or experience events, they must pay attention to that thing or event. The casual thought lacks the intensive energy it takes to become manifest. It is the constant thought which brings into experience that which is held in the mind. In sacred writings the Guru Master Person said, as a being thinks in its heart so that being becomes.  

In order for me to become transformed into the Divine being of creation's intent, I must focus with all my energy on that transformation. An idle wish, a dream conjured during moments of inspiration, an occasion­al thought will not produce the quantum transformation that is necessary at this point in my on-going experience of self.  But dwelling on, and in, the thoughts of being transformed will bring about that very transformation. It takes a unique brand of intense impeccability to change the ages old mis-conceptions that are clustered around my pristine soul. I fully intend to give all that is within me to this effort.  It will bear fruit.

In mundane matters, wherever my attention is focused events parade into my experience to confirm that attention. Thus will it be with the transformation.  As I give my attention to being transformed my mind is renewed, my thoughts become more like the thoughts of God and  actions flowing from those thoughts are acts of love and kindness.  

It has been my experience that whenever a firm decision has been made there is a challenge to the integrity of that decision. It may come in any form, and from any angle to challenge the firmness with which the mind is set to perform the acts necessary to carry out that decision.  Thus along with the attention being focused on being transformed, there must be an awareness of the challenges that are sure to arise. They will not be gross and obvious. I wish they would be.  But experience has taught me that more than likely I will get sucked into events, or caught up in the throes of debilitating emotions before I realize I am in the web of a challenge to my decision. I ask now for the aid and assistance of the Holy Spirit in discerning the challenge at its onset and the inner strength to withstand it.

I am in the throes of one such challenge now...