Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ye Are Gods

Interpenetrating us this instant, and always, are the nine planes of consciousness. The words spoken by Jesus nearly two thousands years ago are still true today. The kingdom of the heaven is in the midst of us. We are aware of the first three planes of consciousness during our waking states. Some of us venture into the next two, the fourth and fifth, during our sleeping states. There are four additional planes where the spirit of man is also active. To acknowledge there is more to us than meets the eye, ear, nose, tongue and hands, is to begin the conscious exploration of those other states. Why is it important to become aware of the other planes of consciousness? People have lived lives and are living full lives within the concrete world of the third dimension for eons.
The world of the third dimension is valid, and contrary to some mystical teachings very real. However, deep within, we all know that is not all there is to our beings. There are times when we enter into reverie and know we have traveled unbounded space, leapt over time; and yet we are unable to detail exactly what transpired. Often whenever this occurs, we sigh and return to “reality” more than a little sheepish. Could it be we have been traversing the vastness of the kingdom to the heavens without conscious effort? This scribe for certain believes that to be the case.
To embrace the concept of  vaster dimensions, than those of which we are currently aware, opens us up to possibilities not yet dreamed of. The scriptures put it this way, “Eyes have not seen nor have ears heard, nor has it entered the imaginations of man the things God has prepared for those who love Him.” To extrapolate the unexplored dimensions from the perspective of the concretely known is to miss the mark, which some religion call sin. To allow, with open mind and heart, these dimensions to reveal themselves to our waking consciousness is to begin the journey home. It means we begin to embrace a world we cannot access with our five senses, yet is immanently available for exploration. Exploring the open vistas of the adjoining interpenetrating planes of existence is to broaden beyond the now unimaginable what it means to be human.
This exploration impels a new definition of sentience, where Human becomes interchangeable with Divine. The limitations inherent in the third dimensional plane fall away before the scope of our Divinity. The barriers we have erected in the name of safety seems foolish. The ties that bind us are seen as the chords of light and we move into spanking new models of behavior toward ourselves, our fellows and our planet.
The practical, concrete aspect of our being is demanding to know how this may be done. The answer is astounding, it is simply to be. Very few living human beings know the full scope of being. We have acted from a premise of limitation for so long, that we have accepted that role as who and what we are. The expansiveness of a larger arena from which to operate, we relegate to the realms of gods. Jesus Christ quoting King David, a direct ancestor of his, said; “Know ye not that ye are gods.” 

For so long, we have followed the interpretations of what Jesus said, we have lost sight of what he actually did say. Pause for a moment and allow the impact of that statement to sink below the level of the concrete aspect of the mind, allow those words to reverberate through the physical structure that is your body. Allow them to flow out into the air that surrounds your body, bounce up to the ceiling over your head and sing in the atoms of the earth beneath your feet. Permit yourself for an instant to believe those words, ‘ye are gods’ to be the truth about you. Continue to savor the vastness of god and know that at the same time that it is yourself that you are contemplating. Know now that  the kingdom of the heavens are within your consciousness.
The universe awaits the acceptance of this to manifest what used to be called miracles. The question arises, ‘if everyone accepted this concept at once, what would happen to the world as we know it?’ The world as we know it would disappear. It would simple vanish. Before we panic and cling to the known, let us review how that world stacks up at this point in time. The phrase 'dog eat dog' gives as very good analogy. The third dimensional plane we occupy contains fear, the granddaddy of all painful experience, hate its cousin, prejudice, anger, greed, lacks, inequalities, power struggles, war, devastations both personal national and global, diseases, death and a whole litany of minor and major miseries. Not such a bad thing to witness the disappearance of such a world, now would it?
The follow up question is what would take its place? A blind man on a galloping horse could see very clearly the world of beauty, freedom, joy, peace, right relations, love, grace charm, elegance and contentment that would be ushered in the instant our consciousness turns to the Divinity within the expanding planes of consciousness. The facts of these things are exhibited in the lives of individuals everyday. There are people within the circle of those we know whose lives seemed to be charmed. Everything they touch exudes the grace and elegance we are all seeking. If such a state is possible for one human being, it is possible for all human beings. It is written that the Creator God is not a respecter of persons. In other words, we are each imbued with the same capacity to express on all known planes of existence more that we believe we are now.

Make it so!!!!!!