Friday, October 2, 2015


Most of my recent blog posts are culled from a book I wrote in 1991 and never published. Today I am constrained to write a fresh blog. I was just on Face Book and saw a beautiful photograph of a star with the caption “I just found a really, really old picture of you.” It moved me in places so very deep I had quite forgotten I had them.

The photograph reminded me that we are indeed stars, each and every one of us. We live in these bodies which seem to hold us separate in space. We are connected and have been so since before the beginning of time. We know one another and are deeply in love with ourselves. We are the ones who caused our world to be. We are the ones who set up appointments to remind ourselves of our greatness. We are the ones who love and cherish, and sometimes seem to abuse. We are the outpost of love here on earth.

I am saying all these truths about us, because of the overt violence that happened yesterday in Oregon. I need to remind myself that those who left their bodies did so for the Divine purpose for which they came to earth. They are teaching us of the utter futility of violence. We are in the place where we can change the conversation and orchestrate a new paradigm of peace and prosperity. We can do this!

It is entrusted to each of us to create the world in which we live every day. We are such powerful beings that our power frightens some of us. Our small egos often ask:  “Who are we to think we can change the trajectory of our species?” We can ignore the question and accept our grandeur with grace and reshape the world our bodies live in.

Let us start NOW!