Sunday, November 22, 2015


To know God is to love God, which expands itself into love of self, expanding even further to include love of neighbor as self. This is the stuff of our dearest dreams;  yet we turn away from this love because we think there is harm within its folds. Love is kind, said one sage; this kindness wishes to become the modus operandi of all interactions here on planet earth. Kindness, gentleness and respect is the standard of conduct wherever equals meet. That is the underlying premise of the Great Love that is calling the children of earth to come home. That is to say, all are equal and have the same opportunity to heed the call.

The nature of God lives within each one of us, that nature is creative, expansive, loving, gentle, giving and understand­ing. We are all of those things, and attributes that were not listed but are desired. The dream of being separated has caused us to feel alienated from our very selves, and produced within our interac­tions the opposites of our very natures. The homecoming that is underway will wipe away from our sleep filled eyes the darkness of hate; the ugliness of sin; leaving us pristine beings born into a Universe of love. As we continue to search for God, and as we embrace the love within ourselves as the very God we are seeking, the Transformation is taking place. We are changing into the image and likeness of the love we were created to be. As the scales fall from our eyes, we will see that we did not change, the beautiful being of light was there all along, we merely did not see clearly.

Some of this clarity of vision is already ours.  We understand more readily the things of spirit than we did even a few years ago. The common language of today is replete with references to light and the wonders of that light. We are being kinder to ourselves, then our neighbor will become the recipient of that kindness as well. The reports on the news media that continually feed us the evil being perpetuated around the world must be ignored, as we place our vision on the good, the beautiful.  What we continually feed our consciousness we become, and as soon as we give our attention to the state we truly want, the media will reform to meet our growing need for information that nurtures the good within us.  

It seems that in a Transformation one ought to be active, boycott something, picket against something. This is a gentle birthing and those kinds of activities are not necessary.  The Guru Master Person told us not to resist evil. What was not reported and he probably said was to give all the attention to the good. The thought system that is not supported has no fuel on which to grow.  So as the dawn of our awakening approaches, we must steadfastly hold that which produces the paradise we desire.  One soul becoming fully awakened will light up the entire sector, and sleep will vanish from untold numbers sensing the great light of wakefulness streaming on their thirsty souls.  I will be that soul.  I almost did not write that last sentence, as it seems rather presumptuous; then I remember that is a self selecting process, so I choose me.  I choose me with the full knowledge that others like me all around the world are choosing themselves, that is how the Transformation will happen.  

 I am grateful.