Thursday, November 26, 2015

Finding G.O.D.

There is that in the genus man which is capable of taking the specie to the very stars of which we dream. This propellant is not the fuel in the modern day rockets, but a force within and all around the race itself. This force has been called God. Because the word God is clothed with so many misconceptions over the ages; it makes it difficult for one to grasp the import within this great force. It is difficult not to have an image of something whenever the word God is used. There is no image of God except the one which we ourselves give to It. God is the eternal Force ever pressing Itself out into expression everywhere. God is the smallest of insects and the greatest of angels. God is in everything and God is everything. There are no one definition for God that is sufficient to hold all that God is. God is beyond our common understanding; yet within our normal concepts waiting to enlarge our understanding as we embrace fully what we now know God to be.

As rational creatures, we need containers for our ideas or we find ourselves lost in the purely abstract and have the dickens of a time trying to extricate ourselves. The simple definitions that satisfied the more simple minds of the past, containing God within a set of moral codes, and splitting the universe into two armed camps, are not working for us anymore. Our God needs to grow as we ourselves have grown.

Along come the metaphysicians and the mystics to declare that God is love; peace, kindness and joy. That seem to be enough for a spell, until that declaration becomes too small to hold all that we are sure God is. The one common denominator linking the codified God of our ancestors, and the loving energy we are beginning to understand God to be, is our surety that God is an experience. It does not matter what words are used, the realiza­tion of God must be experienced individual by individual. Thus the definitions then become a vehicle to take us into the experience of God. How one human being experiences God may differ entirely from any other human being to such a degree; one is left to wonder if they are speaking of the same Force. Indeed they are, as that is the mystery, a word to which we resort when we run out of viable defini­tions.

It is a mystery because no one person may define God for another person. What then becomes necessary is to inspire one another to look for God, and listen to God within ourselves; as in truth that is where God is. That brings up all kinds of confusion as we are so focused on what has gone before and what we can experience with the five senses that we bring uncertainty to the search for God. 

The story is told that when the Gods decided to create man, they pondered long and hard where to place themselves in order for man to find them. One suggested the depths of the ocean but the consensus was man was so curious he would look there sooner or later. How about a cave, no he would explore caves.  Aha, let us place ourselves inside of man and watch with glee as he seeks in all the outer forms for us. Thus with great craftiness God placed Itself within our very beings and we have the hardest time locating where God is. That story may give the idea that there is less than a loving hand behind what call reality. There is not. 

All there is in the wide universe is love, and that love is the substance of our very flesh.