Thursday, November 5, 2015

Force Fields

The earth has a field of force, which is available to everyone willing to do a little inner investigating. Within these fields are enormous energy to shift consciousness, and align the physical body toward greater health and wholeness. The work is to find an outlet where you can access the earth’s field of force and use it consciously. This is not new teaching.  Carlos Castaneda spoke of power spots. These are places where your whole being feels comfortable. This can be a chair, a park bench, a particular tree, anywhere you feel comfortable and are able to relax and disengage from the usual.

It is preferred that your access to the earth’s field of force be in a place where you can be alone and uninterrupted. Once you have found your spot, go there often.  With or without ritual, spend time in this place. Perhaps you can meditate there, or perhaps it is a good place to read a book, draw, or simply daydream. The trick to obtaining maximum benefit from your visits to your own particular gate, is to be away from self.  Self absorption interferes with the reception of this energy. Mister Castaneda referred to this practice as 'not doing'.  Not doing is not the easiest thing for humans to do, as we forget that we are beings first.

 Before you begin to do the extreme not doing which is the goal of being in the spot, acknowledge the role the earth is playing in the ongoing evolution of all her offsprings. That includes you. Acknowledge your desire to grow and become the greatest you there could possible be. Then simply disengage form the everyday world. Life is a simple thing. That is all there is to that.  It is an extremely effective means in the art of being. Remember the old adage, you are a human being, it is true. The blessings of being in touch with your essential self, and the earth awaits.  

 Find your spot and be there NOW!