Saturday, November 7, 2015

Free Will

To desire the transfor­mation is to desire truly, as that is the will of the Father for all the children of earth. The earth herself is a living, breathing, self conscious entity.  Because she is self aware, she has the same power of choice that humans think of as their sole domain.  Because she has the power of choice, she is privileged to move into those realms of light which bring honor and glory to the Eternal Father. She has so chosen. 

That is to say, the earth has made the sovereign decision to move into a more radiant vibration, where entities understand more of the cosmic plan than is possible at this level of vibration. Having done so, there is no being sovereign enough to prevent her from making her own transformation. Now those whom she houses have the same opportunity to chose to transform with her. If choose not to transform at this time; they will be provided with another sphere on which to evolve to the point where the choice for transformation will be the only choice they want. Free will is always in operation. Never are we, or any other creature in God's wide creation, forced or coerced into a decision.

Now, the will of God appear to those of us who wear flesh as something mysterious whichonly the seemingly godly know about. There are whole segments of society that stresses day and night trying to find the will of God for their individual and collective lives. Well, there is only the will of God, there is no other will but God's. There is no other force or power in the entire universe, except that force and power we call God. Thus if there is only the one force and power, there can be only the one will. But what about the gross misconduct we see perpetrated everyday of our lives, are those in the will of God?  Yes!  

If there is only one, there can be no other. God allows all things and has given to creatures the power to create without the slightest condition. Thus if we choose to create in a manner that appears to bring harm to another segment of life, it is the will of God. However, interwoven in the freedom to create as we will is the great law of compensation. All energy must be balanced. However we choose to create using the vibrancy of Almighty God, then that energy, if tilted on the side of harmfulness, must be brought into balance and used to enhance life and lift all concerned into finer and finer vibratory levels.   

That is how it works.