Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Image It In

Imagine with me, beings of light, all powerful, free from any type of limitation, able to create whatever reality they desire. These beings know the Source of their existence is love; that the fabric of their lives is love; that the substance of their beings is love. Joyfully they create like unto their Creator spanning ages and universes for eternity in peace and unity. Then the call came for volunteers to go to a planet, who herself had volunteered to be the repository of imbalance, and bring balance, harmony and the consciousness of love to this sector. 

These wondrous beings, of the purest light, immediately volunteered with full knowing. They knew that a part of the deal was that they would completely forget the power they so joyously wielded; that they would appear to them­selves and others to be helpless victims; that once caught in the web of the imbalance the planet bore, they would have to expand their way into balance; yet they came. Without any coercing and with all the love within them they came. In groups and singularly they came, filling the planet with their light. They masked this light from themselves for eons, straddling the wheel of birth and rebirth as though their very lives depended on doing so.

Those magnificent beings are ourselves, totally fearless, full of love, joy, peace, grace and beauty. But we have completely embraced the amnesia for which this planet is famous. We believed the evidence of our five senses, all the while remaining within the warm embrace of the love which we are. That takes a courage we do not understand in our amnesiac state; but as soon as we shake off the effects of this forgetfulness; we will remember and know of the courage and power it took for us to be here.  

All the people with which I have found fault are a part of this great force that is loosely known as the transformers. It is not always apparent how particular ones are aiding and abetting the Transformation; or if indeed their aid is necessary.  Such questioning comes from the limited consciousness that is enmeshed in total amnesia. The good news is: more of the light beings are becoming aware of who they are everyday. There is a critical mass to be reached, at which point everyone will remember.  That is the long awaited twinkling of the cosmic eye, when we will all be changed and the world as we know it will end. In will rush, to our awareness all the beauty, love, peace, understanding, joy and grace we dimly perceive at this time.

Join me in remembering!