Wednesday, November 11, 2015

In The Beginning

In 1985 John Randolph Price called for the world to meet at a specific date and time to pray for world peace. Recently I keep hearing John Price's opening word to the set piece he wrote for the very first medita­tion. "In the beginning God…"   

I think those are the only words we have to remember.  When we remember the beginning, and know where the knowing counts, that there is only God, we will move from where we are as seemingly limited humans to the divine beings we are in the beginning.  That may be grammatically incorrect, but it is the truth. God, and us are continuous, and there is only the present.The past, or what we consider to be the past, truly does not exist, the future is not.  There is only this moment, whichever moment we become completely aware of ourselves as being held securely within the Mind of God. That is the moment of our beginning. 

We did not wander into darkness. We never sinned. We are always and forever pure, birth in this moment as the beginning in innocence and love. The thought of my position within the Heart and Mind of Almighty God, sends thrills of peace streaming through my entire being, leaving my state of mind centered in the love and grace which is sustaining me in this moment.

I am truly grateful!!!!