Friday, November 27, 2015


We, as planetary dwellers, have been shifting in our inner beings now for almost a century as we count time. There have been minor and major outbreaks of intense spiritual activity in various guises and forms all over the planet. Depending upon where we are in our conscious­ness, we have experienced this shift as a deepening desire to know. 

There are those who have sensed and felt this shift, and are processing it from the merely human consciousness, have exploited this need to know in others. Most of us do not wish to know that we are responsible for out worlds; thus we have chosen to abdicate that responsibility to teachers, masters, gurus and whoever is bold enough to claim they know. God does not have any special children. We like to think that some have more of the gifts of evolution than others; because it comforts us to remain within the limiting confines of the social consciousness. But awakening Godlings must at some point own the force impelling from within and begin to use that force to change their individual worlds, thereby changing the entire planet.

The energy we are receiving holds such power that we will begin to erupt as a volcano into virtual Gods right before our collective eyes. This will cause some to be extremely fearful; and fear can cause harm to the vehicles they occupy. Thus some of us will manifest diseases, or situations that seem to be most intolerable. It is my belief that we can accept this energy graciously and transform with more ease than we may at first think. Resistance brings about the types of inner confrontation that causes us to have the challenges we now have. Most of what transpires in our lives as challenges are completely unnecessary; and can be avoided if we were to change our focus from the purely personal to a more impersonal one. Then it becomes apparent that we are a part of a grand tapestry, and that the love we bring to the threads of our lives makes the weaving smooth and holy. 

That this particular phase of our existence is ending is evident. That we are on the cusp of being born into new beings is also evident. Yet we resist; desiring to remain as we were with business as usual; only with a little less stress if you please. This is not possible, as the annals of eternity have rolled us into the place of no return. That piece of news ought to make our hearts glad; and cause our souls to sing the most glorious songs. The Transformation heralded by the ending we are experiencing is so magnificent; we do not have the language to describe what is on the verge of breaking out from within all of us. I feel this as a sense of urgency; a wanting to become a prophet of old calling on the people, myself included, to arise and pray to God offering sacrifices of joy unto the Lord.   

This sense of urgency is the prompt behind  and everything else that I do.