Friday, November 20, 2015

Melting The Darkness

I have a vision that is so clear within my mind. It is of clouds covering the earth. They are thick dark clouds everywhere prevent­ing the life giving rays of the sun from touching the earth.  Under this cover of the darkness, the earth is hurting with painful places everywhere. The inhabitants, who live under the shadow caused by the dark clouds, are not aware that there is such a thing as the sun. They eke at life, dressing for success, wearing power clothes, dancing to dirges, flirting with suicide in all its forms, dwelling in unfulfilled desires, insisting on calling it life. But some of earth inhabitants know, indeed there is a sun and the rays of this sun is constantly shining, but is being prevented from touching the earth because of the dark clouds. They have devised a way to penetrate the clouds; rise above them and bask in the light of the sun.  

 They have basked in many different ways. Something within is pulling them to turn and use the light they have absorbed to melt the clouds and allow the life affirming rays of the sun to penetrate the planet and its dwellers. They are doing so at this very moment. They are standing with arms out stretched and channeling the light into the clouds and it is melting.  Can you feel the warmth touching your skin, taking away the chill of ignorance?  I can.

I experience this melting cloud within my own life as a constant warmth that is not from any kind of heat coming from any known device; but as a radiance seated in the region of my heart. It warms me even in my sleep and caresses me as a treasured aspect of its own self. I am nurtured into the strongest love to be more loving in my interactions with every form of life I encounter.

Thus the lizard becomes a trusted friend, reminding me to dream the ancient dreams of oneness and peace. The spider comes to my tub and I must lift it out of the way before taking a shower, so as not to cause harm. Because I trust myself to be a holy channel for this magnificent light; I am entrusted with this warmth to share its blessing with all. I am conscious that within this warmth I am all; the former divisions have vanished and I stand united with life, knowing myself as love. 

I am Light!