Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Naming Our Experiences Love

We traveled out as individualized consciousnesses on the out going breath of the Living God. Now we are privileged to return on the in-drawn breath of the self same Living God. On our way out we accrued experience. This experience we choose to name what we will. Nevertheless this experience expanded our individual consciousness as well as the consciousness of the whole. Collectively, we are the son in whom the father is well pleased. Our mission is to recall our connections to one another, and as a whole, to the living breathing God who caused us to be.
There was never a separation.  We were one in the mind of the creator god, a perfect thought, complete in every aspect. Our individual experiences are pointed in the direction of expansion. Whether we name that experience good or bad is of little relevance to the state of expansion which is all there is. To our individual consciousness, however, the name we choose to label our experience is all important. 

If we choose to name the experience good, we remain in a state of joy and our lives flow out from within us in radiant streams of love. On the other hand, should we choose to label our experience bad or negative, our lives flow out from within us in streams of sorrow and pain. The point being made is that experience is experience, period. Perception is the choice we make with every breath.
The river of love flows ever back to the source of love in never ending streams of love. If we are not experiencing love it is simply because we have chosen to be unaware of the forms love lakes as it enters our experience. As we begin to look for love’s expression in our daily experience, that is what we will find. Love, like human beings come in all shapes and sizes, colors and forms. We often miss its bright presence due to the preconceived notions we hold as to how love ought to be.
Once saw a tough looking type on a New York City subway assist a young mother with her child down several flights of stairs in the opposite direction from where he was going. Ordinarily, people on the subways of New York avoid the eyes of fwllow travelers, thus holding themselves from the most common form of love’s expression, a smile. Now, here were three beings, from obviously different experiences, sharing love and each exited the experience enlargened; as is the intent of all experience.
We may constrict our hearts and deny love’s presence whenever and wherever we choose. Or we may open our hearts and expand the consciousness of love in our individual lives and the lives of the individuals comprising the whole. The choice is ours. That is the true meaning of free will. As sovereign beings we are allowed to choose. 

To love or not to love, that is our daily choice.