Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Our Connectedness

What we are being asked to do at this point is to submerge our individuality into a new, not yet experienced, unity. A unity not based on blood, nationality or cultural connections; but on our shared spirituality; which can be called the Human Spirit. That which makes us human is the common thread that binds in chords of light to our destiny here on planet earth. It stretches beyond the visible differences, laces itself through all the religions, spans the globe and connects us to the cosmos. We feel it as a tug on our hearts whenever we are moved to embrace, to reach out a helping hand or look into the smiling eyes of a child. 

We know that there are connections, transcending the obvious, whenever we celebrate stories of unusual bondings benefiting all concerned. Yet, we would cling to the relative safety of known bondings, unwilling to answer our deepest call for a wider arena in which we have being. The entire universe is at work to afford us this unique opportunity to transcend ourselves. We are being invited to lift our dreams and aspirations beyond the individual claims of our egos, and merge ourselves in the great pool of consciousness. The grand plan which is designed to take us safely to the next plateau of achievement in our eternal progress.
The odd aspect of this is, although the personal self struggles against this merging, believing individual consciousness will be lost forever, never again to know itself; that belief masks the truth. The individual  will experience its greatest freedom, its most enduring happiness, when it merges into the greater consciousness, we call God. So why do we strive so hard to stay within the concrete and defined? It is perhaps because we have embraced the collective terror of any unknown. Those of our species who dared the unknown go on to become our most celebrated heroes. We walk the path they initiated with safety because they have been there and shine their light to dispel what was perceived to be great darkness. If history has anything to teach us, it is the lesson that all darkness is disposable

When light enters any area of consciousness, darkness and shadows vanish.