Friday, November 6, 2015

Progress Acknowledged

It is given to humanity to choose the types of experiences they will have. For eons we have thought that fate hidden within the folds of nature has controlled our lives, and decided when and how we may progress. That thought system is coming to an end. Everyday more and more human beings are seeing how what they do and how they think influence the destiny in which they participate. With that understanding have come the responsibility to choose life sustaining thoughts and the natural consequences of those life sustaining will be more and more harmonious experi­ences.  

The law of cause and effect has not been suspended but the energy expended toward a more progressive future is bearing the fruits of peace in the lives of many. I am among those who have seen a shift in the manner in which I conduct life and it has been more harmonious and centered. I am not an isolated incident of a seeker who has found the fountain of peace. No, there are many and that gives me added courage to keep seeking and keep holding within my mind the thoughts that started this trend in the first place. Those thoughts are of a world transformed into the Paradise we crave.

I am grateful.