Saturday, November 21, 2015

Streams of Gratitude

A stream of gratitude is flowing through me this morning as I survey the life I have lived to this point. The small and great miracles that have strewn my path, the wonderful encounters with books, teachers, friends, loved ones, fellow travelers on the pathway to love, cause my heart to swell with the graciousness of the LIGHT that has brought me this far. There have been times when situations seemed impossible of solution, yet the solution was there. There were times when I had needs that I could not articu­late, and they were met even before I recognized they were there. The provision made for my one life is tremendous; yet this same provision has been made for every life. All that is needed has already been supplied.

I find myself with almost every breath thinking "thank you God." There have been times when I thought that this provision was material in nature, but the life within holds so much more than can be made manifest on the physical plane; and all of it has been provided. It holds a freedom that is undreamed of in the annals of man. I am within the folds of that freedom now; and yet at times I think of myself as bound by circumstances. At moments like these when the recognition of the infinite love, holding me close and guiding my every move, dawns on my awareness and I am speechless. Words are inadequate to proclaim the magnitude of this love, and I am a part of it as it is all of me. 

This stream of gratitude is leading me into the heart of the silence, where the creator of my being lives in complete serenity, awaiting my attention to reveal to me all that is within me. It is truly awesome that one soul should possess so much. The material aspect of my existence has been provided with graciousness and love; the spiritual unfoldment that I am seeking has also been provided with the same love and graciousness. My next breath is known by the Inner Light and the path the oxygen takes throughout my body has been planned. There is nothing about my life that is outside of the love and protection of Almighty God, no thing! 

The small that seeks to occupy my mind, holding my thoughts away from the vast stage of cosmic activity, pales into insignificance at moments like these when the panorama of the love of God for Its children dawns within my consciousness. The words from scared writings which say, “For God so loves the world that he gave to it his only begotten son," has been taken to mean one particular person in our history. But now it is clear that the son given to this world of matter is every man, woman and child that ever drew breath on earth. I am a part of that Son, and my part is to reveal to the world the love that caused me to be here. It is a simple task, as all that is required is for me to be myself at all times. I am made of love; therefore being myself is displaying that love and learning its secrets every day.

I am grateful.