Friday, November 13, 2015

The Mystic

Accepting that one knows from within and is guided by that knowing removes so many of the small fears that plague humanity today. It is thought to be a fearsome thing to go to certain places at night, to live in certain sections of town, to know a certain type of persons, to bank, to swim, to eat some types of foods, not to eat other types of food, to take substances, not to take any chemical substance at all; the list is endless of the elements that engender fear in the hearts of modern humanity. Fear sells products and services, fear puts bars on the windows and doors of houses, fear cuts us off from a great many experiences and locks us in boxes dominated by the dreaded guardian I call the social consciousness. 

When one accepts that there is another way of know what is best to eat, where it is safe to go, how to use resources without harm, without this being told to us by the reigning expert in the field, one is living from the inner knowledge known as mystical. I do so in many areas of life, and trust that the forces at work in the affairs of humanity is guiding me, and those I encounter, for the greatest good of all concerned. This is practical mysticism, and one which I seek to cultivate, and am allowing to spread to every area of my life. It is my belief, once this knowing encompasses all areas of my life, I will totally transform.  And that is my goal.

As this day is negotiated, it must be done with the thought firmly held within my mind that I do know what to do and what to say in every circum­stance. The Spirit that lives within me has at Its disposal all knowledge; thus the information base from which I make my decisions is limitless; relying upon it, I cannot err or cause harm. This life of which I am a part is not only limitless, all knowing, all pervasive, all wise, but it is also all loving; seeking only to expand the awareness of everyone into the reaches of love and light where true happiness and joy abide. I am grateful for being aware of a measure of the scope of this life, and seek with every breath to be aware of more and more. As I become aware of more from within, the mantle of mystic must be worn lightly.  But this I do not have to make extraordinary effort to do, as the Spirit within will do all that must be done by me, as I allow It to have control of my motives.

That forms the crux of the mystical life; a total and complete surrender of the prerogatives of life to the Spirit within; with the knowing that this Spirit has my best interest at heart, and that interest is also the best for the whole of life everywhere. I am privileged to understand a measure of this thus, am accorded the responsibility to enact here on earth this very principle. It is not work, but rather joy, as the life flowing from my moments are filled with wonder and amazement to the observer that I must become. Whenever there is a problem or a difficulty, it is there simply because the observer has lost sight of its function and thinks that it is the actor. 

Today I will live the life of the observer and watch as the Holy Spirit within me conducts life.